Man Made Islands of Dubai

On September 26, 2014 by Vishal Bhanushali

Palm Jumeirah Dubai

Human Race is considered to be a superior race for a reason…and the reason is here. Welcome to a world where creativity and hunger for doing something extraordinary drives the people to build up actual wonders of the world and achieve new heights of impeccability!

Palm islands Dubai

Dubai Palm Islands is one such destination situated in the Persian Gulf, just off coast of the United Arab Emirates that would make you feel lucky to have been born in an era where the dexterity of most skilled hands would never cease to amaze you!

Villa Riverdance Palm Jumeirah Islands Dubai

The Dubai islands are a man-made archipelago that comprises of 3 main islands named Palm Jumeirah, Palm Deira and Jebel Ali respectively. They were artificially constructed by most amazing Jan de Nul and his partner Van Oord. Their construction began in the middle of the waters. In order to overcome the most obvious hurdle that hindered with their plan was the non-availability to a firm ground over which the planned structure of the entire island could be laid.

The Palm Islands

Hence to start with the construction initially thousands of metric tons of sands and rocks was dumped on the proposed sight. Leveling of one layer over the other was built up subsequently to create the much needed firm base and all the raw materials needed for doing so was brought in by UAE, a composite stock of rock and sand of around 1 million cubic meters was shipped in to lay the base. Followed by this the construction of the first island began- The Palm Jumeirah. It was build of 17 fronds and stood as an exemplary example for engineering vision that drives the modern century.

Palm Jumeirah

Various gigantic mechanical components were brought in; tons of metric steels were used to create a model of the island that resembled the look of a palm tree when looked from the sky above. Within itself, the entire island comprised of various restaurants, hotels, luxurious outlets for sporting activities that only the rich lot could afford.

Dubai Palm Island Private Island

Following this, the construction the remaining two islands took a kick start.  Again the primary stage of construction involved laying down of millions of rocks at the bottom, on which subsequent layers of tons of sand was sprayed. This was carried out in the design of a palm tree. Once the initial layout was constructed, various mega structures to entertain the riches were built up most efficiently that provided off the complete package for an amazing holiday destination.

Palm Island of Dubai

The Architects were advised to use the Differential Global positioning systems to get the palm tree design and each of its curves just right. Further a six lane tunnel was constructed to connect the archipelago with the Dubai mainland, via which a hassle free to-fro route could be facilitated.

Dubai Man Made Island from Map

The main motive to bring into life an innovative idea such as this one was to boost the tourism industry of Dubai and I say what a grand way to do that for real! The original cost of development of Dubai Palm islands came around 245 million dollars.

Palm Jumeirah

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