Marri Dining Tables: Trending In Round And Rectangular Shape


Marri Dining Tables

When it comes to the dining room, the dining table is the central piece to where everyone comes around. And depending on your style, the size of the room, and what types of conversations you wish to encourage during meals taken on this table, you may find that you have to decide between a round or rectangular dining table. Below, a few things to consider before you make this decision.

Best Shape Of Dining Table For Small Rooms

Dining Table For Small Rooms

The most important thing to note about round and rectangular dining tables is that they are suited to different types of rooms.

Rectangular tables are much more common, which alludes to their practicality and versatility. Small rooms can have rectangular tables with one side to the corner and still provide ample seating for family members and party guests alike, for example.

This is not so much the case with round tables, as these are usually best placed in the middle of the room, and have limited seating. But if you are looking into a unique dining room design, it’s a good idea to consider round dining rooms, as these, when placed, can look striking and anchor all the other elements to the center of the room. You may have to reconsider the size of your new table in proportion to the rest of the room to ensure people can move freely throughout.

Social Aspect Of Dining Tables

Social Aspect Of Dining Tables

The good thing about rectangular dining tables is that it offers more seating. Still, because of its construction and seating arrangement, someone will have to sit at the head of the table, and this does not really encourage the same conversation between everyone present, especially those at the opposite ends.

However, if you are after conversations around the dining table that can involve everyone, a round table is perfect as everyone can see each other from across the table and converse freely.

Best Positioning In The Room

Best Positioning In The Room

Rectangular tables can be placed anywhere in the room to change up the look of your dining area, while still providing enough seating for your purposes. This isn’t the case with round tables, which can make a room look off-balance if they are placed anywhere that isn’t the center. If you are planning to rearrange your dining room for variety throughout the years, this may be something to consider.

Best Material For A Dining Table

Best Material For A Dining Table

Dining tables should be made with sturdy, long-lasting wood. Think Jarrah, Tasmanian Oak, Tasmanian Blackwood, or Marri, which are all Australian woods that are popular choices for furniture because of their durability and character. Marri dining tables, in particular, are beautiful pieces that have honey tones with distinctive knots and hues spread throughout the wood. This raw elegance not only draws the eye in the room but also is a stunning contrast to the rest of the design elements that you will be placed in your dining room, which is why you should consider it for your dining table!

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