Master Bedroom Design: Create A Space Which Makes You Fall In Love

On September 9, 2015 by Himanshu Shah

The master bedroom should be your retreat from the world, a private space in which to relax or indulge in personal pleasures. Unfortunately it is often overlooked and remains a functional room but not a comfortable room. The following tips will ensure your master bedroom is somewhere you love spending time in:

Master Bedroom Design

Shades Of Color – The Warmer The Better

Many rooms are painted one color and this is perfectly acceptable. However, it is better to use a variety of shades of your chosen color; this will create a calming influence in the room. Patterns and stripes can add some variety to create a visual focal point.

Neutral Shades

Shades of color may be essential or even one bold wall of color; but these should be balanced with some neutral colors. These help to create a serene environment which can easily be enriched with a few personal touches on the linen or accessories.

Cozy Feel

Many people like their bedrooms to feel cozy, this helps you to feel warm and secure at the end of the day. The best way to achieve this is to add a variety of textiles into the room. The headboard can have a different feel to the throw on the bed, even the colors can be different to help create the right feel.

Simplicity – Less Is More

You may prefer to keep your room white, enjoying the simple approach which is both elegant and timeless. To avoid the room feeling impersonal try adding bright curtains, rugs and bed linen. The room will still have a feel of understated elegance whilst the color will bring the room to life.

Simple Master Bedroom Design

Focus On Quality

You may wish your master bedroom to feel like a rustic retreat; this is easy to achieve with some exposed, stained beams and wooden furniture of your choice. If your room does not have exposed beams, fake ones can be added. Wildlife pictures and tapestries will finish the look. The important part of this is to choose a room theme that you will be happy in and then add pieces to your room to get the same feel.

Mix Styles

It is perfectly acceptable to mix your styles. A vintage bed with a modern chest of drawers can blend with a neutral wall and modern pictures to create a comfortable space that reflects your personality and your personal passions. The room will suggest romance and practicality. It is even possible to ensure all the furnishings are from environmentally friendly sources and create a ‘green’ room.

Seaside Passion

A bedroom can be made to remind you of your childhood or a time in your life which you particularly enjoyed. The sea is often a theme and this can be accentuated by choosing aqua blue and pale blue with a little pale yellow. Keep the walls pale and use the brighter colors on the accessories whilst including some ornamental pieces which go with your chosen theme.

Dark Colors

Darker plums, reds and purples set the room for a more subdued tone and help a room to feel like an intimate, romantic space. If you choose to have darker walls then the bed linen and other accessories should be kept light or white with just a splash of the same colors. Keeping them dark will make the room overpowering.

Give Your Bedroom A Hotel-Like Feel

There is something about staying in a hotel, the clean, crisp lines, the elegant furnishings or the space in the room. This style is easy to copy; keep the colors simply and the lines crisp; it will feel like you are on vacation every day!

Hotel Like Feel in Master Bedroom


Light is essential to any room to avoid it feeling dark or claustrophobic. If your master bedroom is small or has few windows then the room can be made brighter by placing mirrors on the wall opposite the window. The light will reflect off the mirror and flood the room making it instantly brighter and more cheerful.

When it comes to decorating a bedroom, you have to be bold if you want it to look amazing. Go for top-quality materials and stick to bedding you can afford; adorn the rest of the room with candles and flowers, and you’ve got yourself the most romantic and innovative lost nest.

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