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Master Storage

Moving interstate in Australia is never an easy task. Transporting your belongings safely to the destination is one of your primary concerns while making such a move. Another major challenge that you face while moving interstate is keeping the costs of the move within your budget range. Mastering the skill of downsizing while moving interstate can help you reduce transit costs by a significant margin. Here are some tips jotted by Yes Movers, one of the top renowned Sydney to Melbourne interstate removalists. Removalists calculate the cost of the transit as per the overall volume of the belongings of the clients.

  1. Understanding How Downsizing Helps

Downsizing is all about reducing the overall volume of the belongings to be transported to the new destination. Most people are unaware of the things they accumulate over the years that are least useful for them—paying the removalists to transport these items to the new destination simply to store them away until the next move does not make much sense. So, it is better to get rid of such items to reduce the volume and save storage space while shifting your belongings. However, deciding what is useful and what can be discarded can often prove to be a difficult choice. Some tips that can prove beneficial in this context are explained below.

  1. Start By Creating An Inventory

Creating a list of all your belongings provides you with a clear understanding of things you need and things that you can do without. You can simplify the process further by taking room-wise inventory or making a checklist according to different categories of items that you own. Such checklists also help you to identify objects that you might need to replace in your new home and hence do not need to be packed and transported.

  1. Separate Any Extra Items

Having taken the inventory of your belongings, the next step in the process of downsizing is to separate any extra items you might be having. In most cases, you can make do with a single set of various items, and getting rid of them can help save much storage space. This is especially true for empty nesters who might have needed these things before, but now they just take up the storage space in their homes.  Separating any extra pillows or multiple watering cans, or even an extra shelf or shoe rack can make it easier for you to pack only those things that you need. In case you feel the need for any extra stuff at your new place, you can always buy it locally and in the latest style too.

  1. Consider Optimizing Your Storage

Multipurpose Furniture

Your cupboards, drawer sets, and other storage options often account for the major percentage of the cumulative volume of your belongings. So, considering the option of optimizing your storage can help you to significantly downsize your belongings for an interstate move. You can opt for multipurpose furniture that also doubles up as storage space. You may also consider using the crawl spaces, closets, and even the space under the stairs for storing your good at the new place rather than transporting bulky almirahs and cabinets you are currently using.

  1. Check Out Renting Options

The concept of renting furniture and other household items is gaining much popularity in most modern communities. You can also enjoy the convenience of leaving behind heavy furniture and replacing it with something different at your new destination. This brings down the cost of moving interstate considerably besides making the whole process easy and hassle-free. However, before making this decision, you should make sure that the place you are moving to offers such facilities. It is also important to check the quality and variety of the items that can be rented and the cost-effectiveness of the same.

  1. Sell Some Items And Donate Others

You might come across several items that you have become bored of using over the past many years or that you can no longer use as you have outgrown them. From clothes to accessories and even utensils to books, your inventory list will help you identify several such items that you are ready to either sell or donate. You can organize a garage sale to sell the items on your own or contact an agent to get the best sale value for these items. You can also seek information about donation agencies willing to pick up the items that you no longer use from your home. You may be surprised to learn the amount of space you can save with this method which also helps you earn a decent amount.

Final Thoughts

Downsizing storage while moving interstate can prove beneficial in various ways. In addition to reducing the overall cost of the move, it also helps create space for new items that suit your needs better. Most importantly, it can help lighten the burden of shifting your home or business and make it hassle-free.



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