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As this year, much like the previous one, is marked by COVID-19, there are high chances we’re in for another staycation. As we take a good look at what we surround ourselves with daily, many of us realise the indoors don’t offer the coziness and relaxing vibes we’d expect to get from hotels and resorts.

If your home isn’t vacation material, you’re in good company – now that everyone had the time to take a good look at the interior, many people didn’t like what they saw. The good news is you can make it happen with a little cozying up.

Even though it may seem rather difficult to pull off such transformation, all you need to do is carry out some space planning and find a well-stocked store that offers furniture online Australia round to be sure you invest your money in items of quality. Moreover, you’d come to reap benefits from this kind of “no pressure” shopping experience, which includes easy accessibility to a diverse and huge inventory available at better prices than, say, brick-and-mortar stores.

Assess Your Interior Décor

Interior Decor

Before you set out on the mission to buy the bits and pieces of furnishings, you first need to take a good look at each room to evaluate the type and degree of cozying up required. Perhaps you like most of the furniture but feel like there’s some warmth lacking – this is easy to fix with textiles and textures that help bring the space to life.

Maybe you’ve got everything in colours that provides the outcome of a stale, or worse, a sterile environment, much like you get at hospices and hospitals. In this case, you could resort to adding a pop of colour with your choice of accessories and furniture online homeware stores have in their catalogues.

Choose a colour that you like, and don’t be afraid to go bold – after all, it’s your space. You’re the one who should be happy about it! If you find your home to be so unrecognizable to the point it doesn’t even feel like yours anymore; then the solution lies in personalizing it. It’s easy to achieve this with artworks, if you’re into art and being your own curator, or introducing some interest to your walls with wallpaper that brings about an extra dose of charm and works perfectly in both modern and traditional interiors.

Just remember to take the time to find the wallpaper that wows to be pleased with the result. Such is also the case with reclaimed timber furniture online Australia homeware stores have, which offers a lot of texture with its marks of wear and tear, and weathered colours. No surprise why it’s been one of the trends for quite some time now.

Don’t Forget to Consider the Layout

Stylish Furniture

Besides paying attention to the furnishings, it’s important to also have their location in mind. Maybe a little change in their placement would do a great deal of difference, much like introducing a new piece of functional and stylish furniture as well as getting rid of unnecessary clutter by donating or selling some pieces at a garage sale.

Out with the Mess

Furniture And Accessories

Often, cramping up space with big and bulky furniture and accessories leads to the obstruction of the traffic areas at home, and let’s say this is far from cozy. Not only does such a layout impact your comfort, but it also creates visual clutter too which might end up stressing you out without you even being aware of it. Simply put, mess leads to stress– take it from hoarders.

In case the layout doesn’t work, think it through and shake things up with the furniture. Perhaps you’ve inherited an old bookcase that takes up more of your office than you’d like, but you still can’t give it up. This calls for a reconsideration of the rest of the furnishings you introduce by first taking their dimensions into account before the purchase.

Another example would be the living room, as one of the rooms where most people spend most of their time at home. If you’ve got a sofa that you’re not happy about and takes up most of the room, then this is a sofa that should have no place under your roof; as a focal point in the living area, you require a design that complements your style while also showing off your personality without cluttering. When too tight, consider substituting it with a pair of armchairs.

If you can’t afford to go for a full makeover by buying various pieces of furniture online Australia shops offer, then the solution may be to implement shelving that would eventually allow you to save up some much-needed floor space. This happens to be one of the steps to making a home seem bigger, perfect if you live in a tiny studio apartment.

Fill in the Blanks

Stylish Furniture Pieces

Once you clear out the clutter, or you have no clutter at all (lucky you!), there’s another décor problem that may arise – that of blank spaces. Much like the mess, this tends to affect the interior as a whole, to the point of it looking and feeling like someone else’s home. If you’ve been blessed with a spacious home, you know how it may also be difficult to tie the place together at times.

To make sure you fill-up the rooms with taste, it’s necessary to decorate with intention. To pull this off, carefully consider what you decide to implement. If you’re up for furniture, buy according to the interior’s style, matching or mixing some colours. If, on the other hand, it’s to do with accessories, think of strategically placing them where they’d most add interest.

To exemplify, a side table or a console would make for a coherent outcome in a corner that you’re not using in any way in the entryway or other rooms. Besides being stylish, such pieces would also provide more storage space that you can use to your advantage for displaying your collection of chinoiserie jars or books.

Plant lovers could make of this their own corner garden, adding pots of various sizes with their lovely plants in them. Or rather, they could bring about the beauty of tropical plants and their luxurious foliage to invite the summer feel indoors.

Those of you readers who have an open floor plan and don’t know how to separate the areas yet still make them feel part of the whole would easily put your decorating worries away by choosing to resolve this issue with rugs and room dividers. The first introduces the right amount of warmth, and the latter turns out to be true showstoppers that allow you to further decorate them with your artworks or photos.

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