Mattress Problems: Know All About The Why And The When To Replace Old Mattresses

On February 17, 2019 by Preeti Shah

Even though we spend a third of our lives on the mattresses, beds and other associated bedding items, we never think much about replacing them. It is entirely accurate that once we get a mattress, we believe we are set for life. But just like your clothes, utensils and food items, even the mattress needs replacing with 2-3 years. Your favorite mattress has a shelf life and if you have trouble sleeping chances are it has worn itself out, and you need a new one. Explore your options and avail special offers at the Mattress Matchers – Douglas Discount.

Having a good quality is not just proper bed etiquette but also has several health benefits. A supportive bed is not just for your comfort but also is a critical contributing factor to the general bodily and mental health. So when would you need a new mattress? Chances are you like millions of another reader will be left wondering; we have got you covered.

Let’s dive in!

Your Mattress Isn’t Immortal

The mattress will tell you to replace the item once every eight years, but it might be a case of having to replace earlier if you are facing sleep disorders. However, natural latex and high-density memory foam mattresses last longer than mechanized innerspring mattresses. The longevity of a mattress is also largely dependent on the weight and lifestyle of the user. The more they use, the faster you need to replace!

Ditching Your Old Mattress, Then When?

Mites And Ticks

Mattress Care And Maintenance

That is one severe problem. The dust mites feed on the dead skin cells, and you might wake up with itchy skin or rashes all over your body. Hot water treatment can solve the problem quickly, but a re-infestation of the mites will remain just around the corner. Invest in an anti-allergic mattress to get rid of the bed bug problem once and for all.

Body Pain

Body Pain Relief Mattress

Are you suffering from chronic body pain and joint aches, especially after waking up? Does the symptom slowly get better as the day progresses? Chances are your old mattress is completely worn out, deformed and damaged beyond repair. Do not put off replacing the bed in case of back pain, stiffness and muscle severe problems.

Deformation And Hygiene Issues

Maintain Mattress Hygiene

Lifestyle choices might lead to the deformation of the mattress quicker than expected. Do you have a favorite corner on the bed where you finish your projects and assignments? At the same time, we human beings have bodily functions and secretions which lead to soaking of the mattress leading to molds and mildews. The newer variations of waterproof mattresses are the answer to this common problem.

Lack Of Sleep


Well, this one is quite easy to understand, and you don’t need to be an expert to realize that you did not sleep well the night before. Lack of sleep is a health disorder and might lead to severe complications in the long run and bodily harm through road accidents and negligence.

If you are experiencing any or all of the problems mentioned above, you need to replace your mattress as prevention is still better than the cure.

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