Meet The Pergola Your New Hot Weather Hideout


When searching for the perfect outdoor structure to keep you and your family cool during the summer months, there are a few excellent options. Gazebos always make a great choice as do patio enclosures. However, nothing adds style, value, and function to your outdoor space like a pergola.

Advantages By Design

The Pergola For Home

The setup of a pergola is unique, which not only gives it some close looks but benefits as well. Like a gazebo, they do not have any walls, which are a big bonus in terms of allowing cool breezes and fresh air to flow through at any time, which can, of course, be a massive help in keeping your family and guests comfortable. And it’s a natural way to do so without having to use a fan or any electricity.

What separates pergolas from just about all other structures is that they do not have a solid roof but have one that is made up of slats held up by four posts or columns. This allows for even more air to circulate and does an extremely efficient job of blocking out the sun’s rays as the sun changes position in the sky overhead. The slatted roof is often many homeowners’ favorite part because it allows them to grow hanging plants right on top of their structure. Both climbing flowers and vines can be used to create your very own “green” roof that adds beauty and even fragrance to your outdoor space.

Purchasing Your Structure

The Pergola For Home

When shopping for a structure, you will find that there are many ways to go. There are quite a few materials and styles to pick from. For those who love a more rustic and natural look, wood is a popular choice that can add a lot of charm to your garden or patio. If something a little more modern is more your thing, a metal pergola can be quite sleek. And for easy maintenance and low-cost vinyl is always a natural choice.

The vast majority of options today are available in what is known as pergola kits. These are a DIY package that lets you save cash on installation by putting it together on your own. Well, not totally on your own as you’ll need the help of at least one or two people. However, you don’t have to be a pro or need any real skills to complete the job, just a few hours and necessary hand tools.

If you do have what it takes to build your structure, there are pergola plans you can download on the internet or purchase. Many programs allow you to create pergola designs that are not seen as often, such as Asian or Mediterranean types that can be downright alluring and work to further a current theme or feel on your property or help create a new one.

When beating the heat is a priority, a pergola is a choice that you can’t afford to overlook. Regardless of your skillset or preferences, there is a style and material that will be sure to meet your needs while making your time outdoors as enjoyable and calm as possible.

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