Mental Clarity: 7 Ways to Clear the Clutter from Your Home and Life


Mental Clarity: 7 Ways to Clear the Clutter from Your Home and Life

Many people can begin to accumulate too many items in their homes, which causes the available space to become cluttered. From books to paperwork, every room in the house can begin to feel cramped when a large number of belongings are out in plain sight. To clear the clutter from your home and life, there are a few ways you can make yours a tidier space.

  1. Toss Items You Don’t Love

Make it a point to toss anything that you don’t truly love in your home or haven’t used in the last year. This will help to clear out a significant amount of items that are causing the home to feel cramped.

  1. Group Similar Items

Group like items in storage containers and label each box to find what you need easily. This will prevent clutter from lying around the house and ensure that each item has a place to be stored for less of a mess. For example, it’s a good idea to keep all the Christmas storage together in one place.

  1. Store Clothing In Vacuum Sealed Bags

Keep seasonal clothing out of your drawers and closets by storing them in vacuum-sealed bags under the bed. This will free up extra space in your bedroom and can protect the garments from dust or sunlight when they’re not worn.

  1. Try A Storage Unit

For larger items or furniture pieces that are taking up too much room, consider using self-storage.  This can help to clear more space in the home and move it off of the property.  Storage units, like those available at Iron Gate Storage, enable you to store things away from home.  That way, your home will feel more open and welcoming.

  1. Shred Old Documents

Shred old bank account statements, pay stubs, and newspaper clippings to keep your paperwork tidy and organized. Store it all in a filing cabinet and create categories that organize everything.

  1. Use Shelving

Avoid keeping items out that may only be used periodically. Instead, hang shelves in a closet in the home where you can keep strollers, wrapping paper, and photo albums.

  1. Toss Unused Gifts

Many people hold on to old gifts out of an obligation and by feeling guilty if they throw it away. Try to appreciate the thought and love that was put into the gift before you donate it to someone who can use it.

There are several ways to make your home more light and airy by clearing away the clutter. It will not only make it more spacious but make it easier to relax in. You’ll feel more at home after cleaning and will enjoy having mental clarity with fewer belongings.

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