Might Your Bedroom Be Keeping You Awake? How To Create A Space For Rest And Recharge Yourself


Our home is essential for every one of us because it is our personal space. We start and end every day there. It is where we recharge our batteries and rediscover ourselves every evening to get ready for a new day at work the next morning. 45% of the population has issues sleeping well these days. It may be due to stress and constant work or financial worries, but it may also be due to their bedroom.

Studies have revealed the fact that the décor of our bedroom highly influences how we manage to rest and our overall mood. No one can sleep well in crowded places, where there is not sufficient clean air or where every small little space might be filled with gadgets. The good news is that we can all learn how to design a space for rest and proper recharge of batteries just by following specific simple tips. Let’s discover them below.

No Technology in the Bedroom

No Technology in the Bedroom

The bedroom is not the place where technology should feel at home. Specialists even say that it is not a good idea to have any gadgets and especially not a TV in the bedroom. We can include these in all the other house rooms but not where we are supposed to relax and get a good night’s sleep.

Book Reading Space

Book Reading Space

The bedroom should be a cozy, simple space where you find what you need. Specialists have also revealed the value of reading books before going to sleep. It looks like reading manages to relax our brain more than anything else, thus ensuring perfect sleep during the night. As a result, you should forget about taking gadgets with you in the bedroom and instead remember to have an excellent book to read before sleep right on the classic stand next to your bed.

Furniture Arrangement

Furniture Arrangement

91% of the British people reveal that their sleeping environment always influences how they manage to sleep every night and how they feel like in the morning. Many of them also say that among all the factors that might cause this, furniture arrangement is essential to consider. Specialists recommend us to arrange our bedroom so that it might never seem crowded or lack good taste and simple elegance if we want to comfort our body and relax the mind.

Small Tips to Consider

Rugs And New Cushions in Bedroom

Now that you have chosen proper furniture and have arranged it well in the bedroom, it is time to consider those small details that make the difference. Consider installing a ceiling fan in the bedroom because you need to ensure the ideal temperature for sleeping, which is 18-21 degrees Celsius. You should also open the window every evening half an hour before you go to sleep to let the air circulate. Moreover, add blinds and dark, thick curtains to keep any light shade away from the bedroom when it is time to sleep.

Using plush rugs as well as amazing new cushions is the new way of muffling noise. This way, no matter what might happen in the outside world, your mind and body will be 100% relaxed and ready to go to sleep.

If you include chairs in the room, make sure there is perfect symmetry between these items. Furthermore, make sure you also complement the bedroom décor with new plants, art items, and photos of pets and natural elements. These will help you create that perfect serene atmosphere that will help you relax every night.

The Bottom Line

The Vanstone Bed

There is no doubt that your bedroom could be keeping you awake when you do not follow such essential tips as those mentioned above to ensure the proper serene atmosphere for rest. You do not need to be an expert to ensure a clean, fresh, and well – designed environment for the room where you go to sleep.

Just choose the right furniture and arrange it well, opt for high-quality sleeping accessories, and add exciting yet useful items that match the décor perfectly. No clutter should find a place in your bedroom. Replace TVs and technology in general with beautiful, relaxing items like aromatherapy accessories and bookcases.

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