Mirror On The Wall: Looking Through Glass Through Feng Shui


Feng Shui Mirror Rules
Feng Shui’s favorite enhancement device is Mirrors. Mirror well places act as windows which bring light, opportunity and beautiful view at home.

Mirrors can help in security and sense of safety as it provides for a view of the door which you can’t see directly.

The mirror can correct or even camouflage the architectural challenges like the angles, poles, and corners.

Mirrors can visually enlarge small space like hallways, foyers, etc. which otherwise feel confining.

Essential to choose mirrors which are a continuous piece of glass and never go for foggy or broken mirrors, mirrored tiles which distort images.

The mirrors must be such that it reflects the entire face which vertical inches to spare. The tiny mirror, which is not for reflecting image is an exception.

This is because seeing a full image of yours enhance self-esteem and distorted does vice-versa.

Mirrors tend to enlarge and brighten a room and encourage activity. Thus mirrors are suitable for exercise room, kitchen, living room, etc. bigger the mirror it’s going to be better.

Mirrors can overstimulate, so rooms which are meant to be for relaxing and serene such as dining room and bedroom need to have fewer mirrors.

Dining room mirrors can lead to hurry through the meals, and that’s why restaurant have mirrors to encourage patrons to eat and run.

In case you have a mirror in the dining area and can’t remove then keep decorative items in front and reduce mirror influence by placing sideboards.

If you have had too many fights in the bedroom, it is better to remove large mirrors and if cant cover them, especially at night.

Mirrors are powerful Feng Shui tool which brightens and expands the space. But you need to install them carefully for enhancing the beauty and the vitality of the home.

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