Mistakes To Avoid When Purchasing Or Building A Shipping Container Home


Shipping Container Homes

Shipping container homes have become a trend nowadays as people are looking for affordable and sustainable housing options. People have been very resourceful in finding ways to acquire a home without incurring a lot of costs. One of the solutions they are thinking of is building a shipping container home.

However, as brilliant as shipping container homes, you will have to be careful in the whole process of acquiring such. There are inevitable mistakes people often commit as they choose to purchase or build their shipping container homes. And these are things you should avoid.

  1. Purchasing The Wrong Shipping Container

There are various types and sizes of shipping containers, and the greatest mistake you can make is getting the wrong type for your container home. And truth be told, this is also one of the most common mistakes people make.

Several people build their shipping container homes with the regular height of shipping containers in mind. However, most of them were regretful as they found out that high cube containers are available. High cube containers are usually an additional foot higher or 9 feet and 6 inches taller than regular shipping containers, which are 8 feet and 6 inches high.

If you are planning to put insulation on your container’s ceiling, an extra foot in the height of the shipping container would be a lot better. If you are going to insulate the ceiling of a standard container, you will only have 7 feet remaining for the ceiling height. But when you use a high cube container, you will still have an 8-foot remaining ceiling height when you decide to insulate the ceiling.

High cube containers are more expensive than regular shipping containers. But they are not as pricey as you think they are.

  1. Purchasing Shipping Containers Online Without Seeing Them In Person

Another mistake people make as they decide to build shipping container homes is buying containers by telephone or online without checking the containers they will purchase in person.

If you decide to purchase shipping containers without inspecting them properly in person, you are facing the risk of buying dented or damaged containers instead. Doing so will cost you a lot of money for repairs. You can find different steel storage container prices online and you will be able to contact their sellers.

Regardless if you have seen pictures of the container, it is not the same as seeing it in person. When you can check the containers in person, you would inspect if there are dents or damage that cannot be seen by just looking at the photos.

You should prepare a container inspection checklist before you look at the containers. But there is no way to check the containers in person; ask the seller to give you photos of all the corners and what is underneath and above the containers.

  1. Not Being Knowledgeable With Local Planning Regulations

The most horrible feeling you would feel when you build or purchase a shipping container home is when you are told that your house violates your local community’s planning regulations. And since you could not abide by the policies, your shipping container house will have to be taken down.

Of course, this is something that you would not want to happen. Make sure to contact the local public works division or zoning office at your place before you construct your shipping container home. Always be prepared by knowing where you should build and how you should make your container home. Obey the rules and standards, so you will get to enjoy your home without any worries at all.

  1. Acquiring The Wrong Type Of Insulation

In a shipping container home, insulation is essential. However, one of the things people forget to consider is the local climate where your container home is located.

If your area experiences lots of rain, you have to ensure that your insulation gives you a seamless vapor barrier. One of the best options for insulation is using spray foam insulation. Warm and dry climates require a type of insulation that keeps your container home cool and fresh.

There is no one right approach when it comes to insulating your shipping container home. It all depends on so many things, such as the climate, your budget, the style of your home, and even the age of your container.

Thinking of the perfect type of insulation for your container home is important. Not getting the right one may lead you to a lot of problems.


Building shipping container homes is excellent, but it may involve a very tedious process. Thus, making your container home means you are prone to making a lot of mistakes. To avoid such, the best thing is to do a lot of research to know what you need to do. You may also look for shipping container home manufacturers to give you everything that you are looking for.

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