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On July 2, 2014 by Vishal Bhanushali

Mahmoud Heidarian Vancouver Modern Architecture

Modern architecture is the new, revived form of architecture that marks the on setting of the current epoch of modernization in the field of construction that gives birth to the existence of big skyscrapers reaching onto the skyline, magnificent buildings, architectural wonders of the present scenario.

Capital Gate The Modern Architecture Skyscrappers in Abu Dhabi

From an architecture’s point of view, the designs of the buildings be it an educational institute, a multi storeyed building, an office, or a home of size varying from a few square feet’s to a giant bungalow, should imbibe in them the following characteristics in order to attain the most close resemblance to the modern architecture.

Modern Architecture New Condos In Toronto

First and the foremost bullet point is that an architect should focus most on the areas that define the purpose of the building for which it is build, while laying out it first blue print. Depending upon the purpose the design should be chalked out that judiciously utilizes every nook and corner of the available area, bringing on both a shrewd use of space along with a smart representation of the same with a spectacular outlook.

Modern Architecture Nice France

Secondly, Even the complexity of structures should be attained by use of the most simplest forms and measures…now this is a statement which would leave the mind of novices befuddled but a architect of quintessence knows the exact meaning been conveyed out of these. A simple idea or a form is masqueraded into a puzzling complex structures where each simple idea, contribute individually to deliver for a gob smacking result when viewed in totality.

Convention Centre Modern Architecture

Thirdly, True nature of the materials used in construction, should be analyzed thoroughly. This means that apart from the appearance, the nature and the characteristics should be given consideration to know how it reacts when subjected to varying atmosphere, pressure and temperature conditions. Fourthly, Use of machines should be aesthetic. Rely on them for a quality output.

Modern Architecture Building in The US

Apart from this additional emphasis on its visual representation with strict adherence to the basics of architectural concepts, like keeping horizontal things at perfect right angles etc.

Burj AL Arab Jumeirah Beautiful Hotel HD Image

Hence in modern architecture, the architects should aim to pursue projects that adorn the smart, innovative thinking with an impeccable practical use of skill and knowledge. Crescendo in mastering over precisions is aimed to achieve so as to bring out the essence. Come up with designs that are more linear, as these are the chief characteristics of modern architecture. Clear cut, sharp horizontal and vertical lines are boldly drawn to lay a audacious structure. Beams, curves, outwards posts and rooflines are the best places to show case this art. In addition to these, use the current settings that serve more than one purpose in the design like for instance the interior walls apart from being an intricate part of the support system for the entire foundation should be build up in way that connects two rooms, helping them to share the light, aura etc of the two rooms together in one go. More such ideas where tiny things can lead to more convenience would result in an overall awe striking building.

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  • The above architecture falls into the category of high tech or contemporary, not modern.

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