Modern Fiberglass Planters


Many people grow flowers, but not everyone knows how to choose planter material. Most often flower growers use clay or plastic models, because of the affordable cost and bright, unique design, but this is not the only choice. Of course, there are stone planters for flowers inside the house, but such types are very heavy and expensive. In this online store, you can find a large selection of exclusive modern fiberglass planters that are very popular. Such material has many advantages that we should consider today.

Fiberglass planter is a using of fiberglass material plus stone flour, that is, durable material, but light and modern. These planters are frost resistant so that it can be used for the exterior and decor of your garden. The mixture of components for making flower planters from fiberglass may vary; it depends on the manufacturer and the characteristics of a particular collection. Sometimes this type of fiberglass pot planters is coated with platinum or glossy finish to make the design more exclusive. The advantage of such models is their use in any climate, as well as safety for flowers and people.

There are three most popular models of planters of this material with average size for use inside and outside the room:

  1. Hampton Gray Fiberglass Trough L Faux Lead Planter Pot In / Out

Hampton Gray Fiberglass Trough L Faux Lead Planter Pot

A rectangular planter with an original pattern and low walls will be an excellent home for your flowers. Many people grow small and low plants here, so as not to close the design of the planter. Also, this model will be a good choice for a combination of compatible plants and flowers or growing seedlings. The unique shape makes this planter very compact so that you can put it on a window sill or a narrow wall shelf. This planter can be used to decorate your garden because the material is not afraid of temperature drops and your plants will be in absolute safety.

  1. Tapered Gray Fiberglass Square Tall Aluminum Planter Pot In / Out

Tapered Gray Fiberglass Square Tall Aluminum Planter Pot

If you want a more unusual flower planter design, then choose this model. The shape of an inverted trapezium makes such a planter very stable; do not be afraid that your plant will fall. An attractive metallic color with a dark gray tint looks very stylish, especially to complement the interior in modern style. The collection of these species consists of many sizes, so you can combine several planters of different sizes and create a unique flower arrangement.

  1. Norman Corten Fiberglass Lightweight Round Small Planter Pot

Smart Lock

More original round shape will make your interior more warm and comfortable. Calm colors perfectly complement the beauty of your plant. These planters look pretty simple, but this adds a unique advantage to them. Such models are light, so it will be effortless to move the planter or change the soil there. Many growers prefer to grow plants with bright large flowers or types on small legs (like dracaena).

If the weather conditions are harsh, then this material will be excellent for more than one year. It is resistant to corrosion, and the plant inside will not freeze or overheat. Modern fiberglass allows you to create unique models not only for flower planters but also for pots. Moreover, such models are resistant to any external damage, and it is convenient, unlike planters made of clay, plastic, concrete or other materials. Stylish modern design allows the use of such planters not only in the home interior but also for growing flowers in the office. Reliability and lightness of the material make it affordable, and modern manufacturers create unique designs for any interior and exterior.

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