Modern Home: 4 Items In Your House To Replace To Keep Up With Trends

On July 28, 2019 by Preeti Shah

Trying to match your decor and appliances to every passing trend isn’t possible, but choosing a design that will change your home and life for the better. These types of trends completely transform your decor and allow you to live more efficiently. Read on for four trending items you should consider replacing in your home.

Bring In Colorful Seating Options

Colorful Seating Arrangement For Home

Colourful seating choices are on-trend for living rooms all over the world. Gone are the days of muted tones for sofas and earthy colours for armchairs. Homeowners and renters are embracing the trend of colourful seating as these pieces of furniture act as accents in whatever room they are. Bold colours like emerald green, sapphire blue, and ruby red are favourite choices for anyone looking to modernise their living room.

Purchase Large Scale Art Pieces

Beautiful Wall Art

Use to installing your favourite smaller art pieces of salon-style throughout your home? While you can hang on to these older works of art, consider bringing in larger-scale pieces as well. This broad art trend is part of the bolder style taking over the world of interior design. These giant pieces have a more significant impact and help to communicate the overall aesthetic of a room better.

Opt For Open Cabinets

Open Cabinets

In addition to big and bold colours and art pieces, today’s contemporary trends favour more functional and casual-style kitchens. As a result, another popular trend in kitchen design is open cabinetry and shelving. With this trend, your kitchen will no longer have closed cabinets or shelving, making it easier to access your kitchenware. While this style isn’t for everyone, this open design makes the kitchen feel more substantial and helps to add variety to the design in your kitchen.

Install Smart Appliances

Smart Appliances

Today’s homeowners are more energy-conscious than ever, which explains the trend of installing energy-efficient smart appliances. These appliances make it easier than ever to use less energy, conserve more water and accomplish routine tasks much faster. From ovens that can be operated from your tablet or smartphone to washers that notify you when the cycle is finished, these smart appliances are indeed the next level of traditional devices.

Whether you replace one old appliance with a smart one or you redo your entire kitchen, you’ll see why these appliances are trending. While these new appliances are light years ahead of any older models you may have, you’ll still need to install them with the help of an expert. For example, even though your new smart dishwasher may be technologically advanced. You’ll need to use professional plumbing services to install it correctly. Once everything is set and running, you’ll be able to live in the smart home of the future.

While every trend isn’t worth following, some popular products and home decor ideas are a great way to give your home a new lease on life. Keep these four ideas in mind the next time you consider replacing the items in your home.

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