Modern Hotel Furniture: Where Comfort And Creativity Meet


Modern Hotel Furniture

Discussing hotel furniture is like trying to count the grains of sand on a beach. There are establishments of many shapes and sizes, with very differing facilities. So, the furniture utilized in them (in general) is extremely varied.

Whether it be a large hotel or a small B & B, the universal principle is to put your guest’s comfort first and creativity immediately second.

In this short article, I’ll outline a series of original ideas regarding trendy hotel furniture.

Hotel Furniture Starting From The Entrance Hall: Modular And Customised Spaces

Once, hotel lobbies used to be a desk where guests would check in and out, a place you’d pass through quickly on your way to your room, restaurant, or other hotel facilities (gym, swimming pool, breakfast room, spa, etc…). You can check out more about hotels, lobbies, and equipment over at this website.

Entrance halls are now being redesigned as functional areas that can be used by guests. In luxury hotels with large entrance halls, small exclusive events can be organized using versatile furniture and space separation systems, thus transforming an area that guests merely passed through as they moved around the hotel into a real reception room.

Another way to exploit this space to the full is by revamping it into a small area for relaxing that guests can use for reading, working, or meeting people in total privacy. In this case, the layout would include mini independent lounges with tasteful lighting and comfortable, ergonomic seating.

Restaurants And Hotel Bars With A Cosmopolitan Atmosphere

To be trendy, a restaurant or bar within a luxury hotel must be stylish. In fact, they must have a style that is both contemporary and cosmopolitan.

Rustic, classic (apart from for rare exceptions), and modern integral are all out. Today, settings within prestigious hotels must have an international flavor, so they need to be decorated with a diverse mix of furniture, both regarding its origin and design.

Dark wooden tables, refined designer chairs, metal counters, colored stools, wallpaper with palm trees and flowers, flamingos on the cushions, arabesque curtains. All these elements can be found in perfect harmony in a splendid lounge bar for guest use in a  which could just as easily be in New York or Beijing.

The scenographic impact and the attention to detail when creating relaxing atmospheres are what interior designers of trendy public places are currently aiming for.

To avoid your result turning out tasteless and tacky, it’s always better to seek the advice of hotel furniture professionals.

Room For Renovation And Recycling As Well

The creativity of interior designers knows no limits, especially when the available budgets are limited, and hotels are small.

Renovated furniture and recycled objects turned into pieces of furniture are widely used to give warmth and a touch of eccentricity, even to hotels that appeal to a more “pop” clientele.

An old tin bucket can become a planter or even a chandelier. Vintage suitcases are transformed into coffee tables. An old bathtub, appropriately cut and shaped, can become a comfortable sofa.

Such ideas can be used to furnish interiors and exteriors of a hotel and catering areas and guest rooms.

Rely On Contract Furniture For Hotels

By opting for a contract solution, you’re entrusting your project to a company specializing in fitting out hotel rooms.

You can choose general contractors, who manage all aspects, or interior contractors who specialize in interior design.

This type of partnership relieves the establishment’s manager from a series of tasks that can be really onerous, such as selecting and sourcing the right furniture, planning ideal lighting, finding and engaging skilled craftsmen, and so on.

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