Modern Office Chairs: What’s In Their Future?


Consider the enormous success the Milan Salone del Mobile has enjoyed for nearly sixty years to understand how much Italian furniture is renowned worldwide.

Italian designers have always been masters in coming up with innovative solutions with a nod towards tradition, and Italy is the benchmark for fashion and style.

Even when focusing on workplace furnishing, particularly designer office chairs, quality, and beauty are constants.

Will Designer Office Furniture Be Used In The Offices Of The Future?

Modern Office Chairs

The question comes naturally when reading the statement by designers Osgerby and Barber:

The office now and in the future will only be a place where people come together, a meeting place. People now need to move around and sit down and come together, to have moments of intimacy and sociability,” and “This is why we say that the desk is dead, and not the office is dead.”

Perhaps the desk as the office staple to work will gradually disappear from cutting-edge companies with employees working remotely. Still, a meeting place to receive and welcome clients will continue to exist even in the digital era.

If this is the direction things are moving towards, then there will be more considerable attention on furniture, not less, as it would seem more logical.

The office will become a place for showing off the company’s prestige and where socializing and developing ideas are promoted, so modern designer chairs will become core elements.

Osgerby describes future workplaces as locations for fostering cooperation and where office furniture design will be casual, and people will sit on comfy sofas.

We can only partly agree with this rather romantic vision. Most businesses will continue to need some employees who work in a given location and, therefore, office chairs will not suddenly get replaced by armchairs and sofas.

Italian Furniture Will Withstand Change

Quality Office Furniture

It’s hard to imagine the world of furnishing without Italian furniture, or a Salone del Mobile without Italian designers and companies.

In Italy, the tradition of quality craftsmanship has naturally carried over to those industries that make designer tables and chairs exported throughout the world. There must be a reason. The reason is apparent: Italians’ innate penchant for beauty combined with companies’ know-how and the use of new technologies.

Even if tomorrow all the furniture that is usually used in offices were to disappear, to create new spaces conceptually projected into the future, Italian creativity would emerge. Within a short amount of time, manufacturers would be ready to take back their top spot.

Why Still Focus On Designer Office Chairs?

Office Furniture Design

The answer is simple: to invest one’s money profitably.

An entrepreneur who needs to renovate his office and choose modern designer chairs to place around a beautiful meeting table knows how to make his money pay.

Purchasing quality items initially involves a considerable budget but is distributed over the long life that companies should guarantee; the cost goes down considerably.

Going for cheap chairs that break after a few months means throwing money away.

In addition to the financial factor, we should also assess what we convey when presenting clients with a well-furnished office.

To see how high-quality modern office chairs are made, visit the Albaplus site, one of the leading companies in the furniture market that, starting from Italy, has conquered the world.

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