Modern Vs Traditional Stairs – Which Is Right For Me?


Modern Stairs

If you are in the process of building or renovating your dream home and require a staircase to get between levels, you might be overwhelmed at all the different styles and designs out there. More often than not, however, it all comes down to modern and traditional stairs – they are the most popular styles and tend to suit most homes. It is important to note that both traditional and modern styles are very different, so you should make an effort to choose wisely.

Are You A Modernist?

Modern Stairs

Do you aspire to clean lines and clutter-free living? Do you prefer a minimalist outlook? If the answer to these questions is ‘yes’ (especially after getting to the conclusion of this article), you should be looking into modern stairs.

Or Are You A Traditionalist?

Traditional Stairs

Do you long to preserve the glamour of a bygone age? Do you love the look of natural or stained timbers? If the answer to these questions is ‘yes’ (especially after reaching the end of this article), you should be looking into traditional stairs.

 It’s All A Question of Taste

Modern Glass Stairs Design

A modern staircase unites the timeless beauty of well-crafted timber with glass and metal accents (for a contemporary twist). These days, there are so many accents and decorative touches that can be added to the design – from metal newel caps and end brackets to glass or metal spindles – that it is quite easy to achieve a modern look. These sorts of designs also open the space up, which is perfect if you live in a narrow townhouse.

Modern Stairs Glass Railings

Traditional stairs, on the other hand, combine an appreciation for the past with the convenience and durability of brand new stairs. Timber is used extensively in these staircases, as it was in the era these designs are drawn from and are often described as being slightly Victorian in appearance. Many homeowners opt for a traditional look if they are trying to make a statement – everything in these designs is big, from the handrails and posts to the bullnoses and treads.

Bringing Your Ideas to Life

Regardless of which option you ultimately choose, we certainly recommend having a professional design and build it for you. This will ensure that the finished staircase is everything you dreamed it to be (and more!), as well as ensuring that the structure meets relevant building regulations. Each council has its laws and rules regarding the construction of stairs; failure to comply will not only result in a hefty fine; it could be highly dangerous.

In Conclusion

Modern Stairs And Railings

So, have you decided whether modern or traditional stairs will best suit your home? If you are still having trouble deciding, we recommend inviting a staircase professional out to the home; they will be able to take a look around at the style of the house and the era that your possessions come from before offering suggestions. And, if you have your heart set on a traditional or modern design, don’t allow anyone to dissuade you!

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