Modern Ways To Update A Traditional Home


Upgrading an old, traditional home might seem like a dreadful task, but certain tips and tricks might help you on the way. Besides, you can preserve some of your old home elements and create a truly unique interior design. Decorating an older home has to be done with the old architecture in mind. Preserving certain elements will help you stay true to your property’s roots.

However, if you have a Victorian house, you don’t want full-blown Victorian décor in your home. You only want to hint at the origins and adopt other elements to current-day décor. Below we have some suggestions that will help you successfully redecorate your home.

Remove Everything That Isn’t An Architectural Element

Modern Ways To Update A Traditional Home

You can easily modernize a home with traditional architecture by eliminating everything that isn’t an architectural element or a structural one. You can also try to remove all furniture from your rooms and then bring pieces gradually back. Analyze after each addition if it offers personality and class or if it merely clutters the room.

Usually, when it comes to bringing a traditional home in the modern era, less is more. And, no, to bring home in current times, you don’t need to accessorize it like a maniac. An element here, an element there, as little as possible, since you don’t want to clutter your home.

Furniture Sets Are Unnecessary

Modern Ways To Update A Traditional Home

Furniture sets are so traditional that they are kind of boring and tiring to look at. If you want to offer your traditional furniture a fresher look, try to break up furniture sets and mismatch them. Your home will instantly gain a fresh and welcoming look. Mismatched but somewhat coordinated furniture is modern and more welcoming. Accessorize with modern elements, and you have a new home. A mix of modern and traditional elements will offer your space more personality and uniqueness.

Colour Can Change A Room Enormously

Modern Ways To Update A Traditional Home

A dramatic and effective way to modernize a room is by changing the color palette. To bring a traditional home in the modern era, you want to eliminate earthy, dark tones and replace those with bold tones of grey and blue. Alternatively, paint your home entirely white and add some splashes of color through accessories and decorative elements. A combination of black and white will also work amazingly since it will create a nice contrast.

Repaint Your Furniture

Modern Ways To Update A Traditional Home

Old furniture elements can be brought back to life by applying a new coat of paint. Make sure to remove the old paint with sanding paper. This will allow the new one to stick better to your surface. After choosing the color and apply the paint, wait for it to dry and lightly sand the corners and edges of your furniture pieces. This will create a vintage yet modern look. Also, you could try to add some metallic shades to your furniture to make it look brighter and artistic.

Printed Fabrics

Printed fabrics are a great way to change a room completely. Give up traditional prints for modern ones. Flowers and plaid prints are not as great for your general design as you think. Solid fabrics should have a little more texture to them. This will make them more exciting and enjoyable visually. Invest in several throw pillows and blankets to change how your rooms feel.

Update Your Fireplace

Fireplaces are incredible architectural elements and offer a room with so much personality. To make sure that you choose the right one, if your old one is hopeless, make sure to investigate modern fireplace options. Look into gas fireplaces since these are more effective.

The gas fireplace installation process is complicated, and a professional company should do it. Trying to handle a gas system on your own might turn into a hazard easily. Those trying to make their fireplace energy-efficiencies, even if this means a complete relocation of their current fireplace, consult a professional maintenance and installation team. This will help you identify the best location for maximized energy efficiency.

Fireplaces not only look simply stunning through their modern architecture, but they also have a functional purpose. You will be able to use them as an additional heat source and maintain your home warm and cozy without extra energy expenses.

Remove The Frill And Tassels

Let’s face it: frills and tassels look outdated, and all your items will look so much better without those. To bring your fabrics into this era, make sure that you remove those with the help of a pair of scissors or even completely replace the fabrics that feature them. Modernize your home. Tassels and frills might be acceptable only if your pillowcases feature them, but make sure that they otherwise have a modern design: modern patterns and prints, modern fabrics.

New Lighting Fixtures

Lighting fixtures can make such a difference when it comes to interior design. By preserving your old ones, you will only make your space look crowded and outdated. Try investing in new, edgy elements, and your home will change completely. If your old ones are in good shape but boring, make sure to apply a fresh coat of paint and even new shades. The change will be a dramatic one.

Hang Contemporary Art

When you want to update a traditional home, contemporary art can make such a huge difference. These elements, juxtaposed with a conventional home’s architecture, will create such a pleasing visual effect and bring your home in this day and time. Try to invest in artwork that compliments the existing furniture and puts it in a more visually appealing light. This is a fool-proof combination when you want to change a bit how your outdated home looks.

Stack Your Books

Traditionally, books are vertically arranged. By simply changing their orientation and arranging them horizontally, you will successfully offer your space modern air. If you prefer, combine the traditional way of keeping your books in a bookcase with the stacking method. This eclectic and intricate way of arranging those will surely impress all your visitors and will offer a relaxing atmosphere in your home.

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