Modular Gardening or Gardening in a Box – What’s the Best


If you are finding it hard to choose whether to start a new home garden indoors or outdoors, check out the following tips and advice. Yet this is only a hint of all the factors that will help you make the right decision. There are two main options if you want to go on the extraordinary side and have a small garden at home. The first one features modular gardening which lets you grow plants vertically and helps you save more of your valuable floor area. Gardening in a box is another reliable method, as it can easily change into a mobile garden that you can place in the living room, on the balcony or on the patio outdoors.

Go Modular

Modular Gardening

Modular gardening is the first option that should be high on the agenda when you are looking for an easy, efficient and very spectacular method for gardening at home. You can literally decorate an entire wall with pots and plants to transform your home into a truly “green” house. Or else – make a “colourful” house by sowing only flowers in your modular garden.

So, what is a modular garden? It consists of different modules in the form of shelves, wooden boards or other horizontal surfaces, which give the bases of the different modules. The height of the modules is also variable and can be chosen according to your style and taste – you can use natural materials such as rocks and branches. The walls of the modules can be made out of iron or other metal parts, or even by stacking piles of books. The goal is to make tall enough modules where you can place pots with flowers or other plants.

Another great advantage of the modular garden is that it can follow the shapes of almost every wall. The modules are attached or placed very closely to the walls so they can turn, follow angles, etc. You can make the modules detachable and enjoy a differently looking indoor garden every season. Yet these are only a few of the biggest advantages of a modular garden setting.

Here are some of the others: great sunlight exposure; easy and efficient garden maintenance, watering and garden spraying; a very efficient space-saving method; you can opt for making the modules a part of the decor; you have the option to use frame structures made of different materials; and more.

Choose the Box

Gardening in a Box
Gardening in a box is the second method in this list, which also provides you with plenty of options and possibilities to grow your favourite plants. A few boxes of variable sizes are all that you need to make it as your next DIY garden project. Even a simple box with three or four shelves can be enough for at least a dozen small pots with flowers. Then, it will literally turn into a fragrant natural box for the home interior.

If you choose to use a larger box with more shelves and larger dimensions, then you can arrange larger pots and taller plants in it. From herbs and decorative plants to veggies and, of course, flowers, you can make your own small garden with just about everything.

Another awesome advantage of the box is in the ease with which you can control its environmental characteristics. You can do just about everything, especially if you attach coasters to the bottom the box. They will let you easily rotate or place the garden in a box in different corners of the room or in another room. This means that you can enjoy a beautiful micro-garden all year round. Garden care is also very easy.

Another great tip is to leave one whole side of the box open and shield it with transparent covering or a net. This will ensure easy control of the humidity and natural sunlight exposure, which is essential in the peak of the season, as well as for some exotic plants and flowers.

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