Monaco’s Princess Grace Hospital To Undergo Renewal


Hospital Architecture

Property in Monaco has just become an even more appealing investment: the Principality’s healthcare system, which is already of a world-class standard, is being enhanced further still. A brand new hospital focusing on cutting-edge technology and environmentally friendly design is being constructed in the Principality. The Princess Grace Hospital has a long tradition of excellence in healthcare; the existing building currently operates been on the same site since it was opened in 1902. Since then, it has benefited from continual advancements, both medicinal and technological. As a healthcare organization, it currently holds a grade-A rating, as decreed by the French National Authority for Health – the highest achievable grade.

The new construction will be the first time that the location of the hospital has changed. Careful reviewing and planning on the Prince’s Government have meant that a new site has become the most cost-effective option and will modernize it completely. A great deal of care was taken in the planning stages to ensure that the running processes and quality of care are not interrupted throughout either the construction of the new building or the transferal of wards and patients. To achieve a smooth transition between the sites, a 4-phase plan has been adopted, with the hospital’s construction itself expected to begin after four years. After the hospital is equipped with the most innovative healthcare technology, beds will be transferred in stages to minimize disruption.

The new hospital’s design is architecturally inspiring and befitting of the stunning landscape that surrounds the site. A firm focus has been put on environmental considerations, meaning natural resource requirements are limited. Low energy lighting, sea-water heat pumps, low energy ventilation, and various renewable energy systems are among the plans to limit the new Princess Grace Hospital’s environmental footprint, meaning this green design will be considerably more future-ready than the existing site. There will also be a dedicated VIP suite for high-paying customers, which will offer the finest care and accommodation available.

The construction plans are also intended to cause minimal disruption to the surrounding residents, limiting noise pollution and screen facades to conceal the site. Throughout the process, the construction will be strictly managed, with regular meetings organized for residents of the surrounding Monaco real estate keeping the community informed. A strict waste management policy will also be in operation throughout the construction, and residents will raise any issues.

The advancements in the already fantastic healthcare are likely to provide an additional allure to Monaco’s Principality, which is, without a doubt, a highly desirable place to own a property. The new hospital site will respond to the increasing population demands of the region. It will receive continuous investment from the Prince’s Government over the coming years to meet the future’s needs. An additional 394 beds in total will increase the hospital’s capacity, which will serve up to 125,000 people, and increased funding will ensure that standards of welcome and care will remain impeccable.

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