Monsoon Season: Do Away With The Gloom


During monsoon, there is mustiness which makes interiors dull and so drab. Give your abode a vibrant makeover and make certain changes to protect your interiors during monsoon season.

There are many ways through which you can spruce up your home. Do away with black and greys. Already there is so much gloom it’s time you add more colors. The bright colors will uplift your mood. Even greens and blues can be used for warmer months, but monsoon calls for lively, warm, and bright colors such as yellow, orange, red, and even neon colors. Skies are overcast, and you will need whatever light enters your home to enhance the bright colors and reflective surfaces. The white and cream colors can be avoided as they get difficult to maintain to keep them clean in squelchy monsoon.

Monsoon Bedroom Design

Adding new fabrics and décor in vibrant colors is an amazing chance to the décor of your home.

In case you have indoor plants, you need to keep them out because they retain moisture and add staleness to the air.

During the rainy season, the woolens, blankets, and quilts get attacked by mold and humidity. You must let them open in the fresh air and during the day when the sun is out.

Wrap linen in plastic packets before storing them in cupboards. This will prevent moisture from getting in.

Since people tend to dry their clothes indoors, you should use polyester and nylon clothes to retain less water and dry well. The same goes for bed linen; you must use polyester and nylon as they don’t attract moisture, and you will have a less stale smell in the air.

Colorful Rug

You must place small rugs and mats, preferably colorful, around to people can clean their feet before jumping on the bed. Keep a rug in the bedroom for sure else, your kids running bare feet around, thus have dirty feet will need to wipe their feet before clambering on the bed. It would help if you kept the bed clean and dry such that you don’t need to change the linen frequently.

During monsoon, minimize the décor such as paintings as they can be damaged with damp air. If you have wrought iron furniture and decorative pieces, get anti-rust polish done.

Umbrella Holder

Always keep a lookout for wall seepage. Don’t hang anything on such a wall. Keep your furniture etc., a safe distance from it.

Use lace curtains that don’t have lining because natural sunlight is needed to suffuse glow interiors. The lace curtain will allow sufficient light to enter the room while giving you the privacy needed.

No carpets during monsoon. Store your carpets in plastic sheets as this will reduce the chance of moisture damage to the carpet. Use plastic carpet mats during monsoon as they are light and dry fast. Carpets are no because they do house dust mites and molds and can trigger allergic reactions to people.

Monsoon Mirror on Wall

Hang a large mirror in good-looking frames on the wall will give regal charm and add sheen to the dull space. The mirror helps in creating the illusion of larger space.

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