MoonPod Review – Is it Truly Worth Buying?



I bought the Moonpod as a study and reading chair that I could set up out of the way of the TV and noise in the house (a husband who likes gaming, and two boisterous kids). I did consider other options like a chaise or adjustable recliner but couldn’t justify the prices or space, so the Moonpod came out as the cheapest and most versatile option.

I didn’t pay much attention to the anti-gravity, anti-anxiety marketing, as I don’t buy into that kind of thing and wouldn’t expect a chair to be that life-changing. I just wanted a comfortable, supportive chair I could easily move around the house. As usual, I checked out Moonpod reviews before taking the plunge and found that most people were after the same thing as I was, and seemed to be pleased with the outcome.

When it first arrived, I was a little surprised at the size, as it’s not quite as big as I had imagined. However, once I tried it out, it was fine as it does spread out a little with the weight of the user. My husband, who is a lot taller than me (around 6’3), finds it slightly too small for laying down on but finds it works for gaming or watching TV when sitting up or reclining. On the other side of the spectrum, I have young kids, nephews, and nieces who love it as they can curl up on it with our medium-sized dog and read, sleep, or watch movies lying down. I like that it’s getting a good amount of usage as it justifies the price so far. However, my Dad, who has knee issues, isn’t so keen on it as it’s too tricky to get up and down from, so he steers clear.

The washable cover has already proven handy with kids and pets around, as it inevitably gets dirty and marked (even though it was intended as a personal study chair for me, but it happens). I’ll be interested to see how well the fabric holds up after at least a year of usage, and if it becomes pilled, dull, or discolored like other washable fabric covers I have experienced. So far, the cover is keeping its shape and the color, which bodes well.

The Moonpod is easy for me to carry around, but might be a little bulky and heavy for someone with back issues or trouble lifting. I can pick it up and take it into the bedroom when the living room is too much of a distraction, and bring it back out for a family movie (our couches aren’t quite big enough for all of us to lounge around on). I can see the Moonpod working for people in smaller areas where furniture needs to be versatile to fit in with the space at hand. It could also be a good choice for renters who don’t want to invest in full sets of furniture or expensive chairs. They will then need to move into a home they may not fit or suit.

I was slightly apprehensive about buying a bean bag-style chair as the traditional “old school” bean bags always ended up compressing and losing shape after a while. However, I trusted that a modern and high-end brand would have pre-empted that issue and sorted it out by now. I don’t have any complaints about the integrity of the filling so far, as there are no signs of compression, even after regular usage.

One thing I would change (and other Moonpod reviews express similar thoughts) is the firmness, as I find it here that it’s a little too hard. I would have liked it to be slightly softer and more able to mold to the body. If I want to sleep or lie back, I find I need a pillow to prop up my head and offer a softer surface. However, like mattresses, firmness is subjective, and the Moonpod may be just right for you.

The Moonpod is earning its keep in my young family home so far, but it’s not for everyone.

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