Most Important Things To Consider Before A Kitchen Renovations


Over the years, kitchens have gradually transformed into social spaces with the most activity being used for not just cooking but also entertainment spaces, a place to gather with friends and family, and even workstations. Their evolving functionality has brought about a growing trend of kitchen renovations to make them well equipped and suitable for all such needs. Homeowners are increasingly customizing and restructuring their kitchens to modernize their functionality and aesthetics.

Fundamental Kitchen Renovations for An Old House: 

Kitchen Renovations

  • Contemporary Layout: Old houses having closed off kitchens, surrounded by walls on most sides with corridor style layout or one wall gallery layout can feel boxed. The effect is the illusion of a reduced and cramped space offering low mobility to those in the kitchen, making the room quite isolating. The solution to this is to open up space by tearing down walls and removing dividers. The effect is incredible as it lets the kitchen to flow into the dining or living area, making the kitchen feel spacious, airy, and inviting. Adding an island in this extra space gives more countertop space and allows people to be a part of the kitchen activities.
  • Rethinking Storage: Old houses often have straight lined overhead cabinets and conventional drawers which are mainly inefficient for modern storage requirements. New appliances and the need to have sleek storage options is a major driving force behind kitchen renovations. Adding blind corner cabinets pull out shelves for small appliances like the dishwasher or mixer and wall hooks is an efficient way to both increase storage space and streamline the look. Painting cabinets in bright light colors and adding open or using glass fronts as cabinet doors give the kitchen a modern touch.
  • Long Lasting Kitchens: The main reason for undertaking a kitchen renovation is often to replace weathered and worn off components with durable materials. Flooring and countertops are the key components which, despite being expensive improvements are essential as they undergo the most wear and heavy use. Using lasting material such as linoleum and stone for flooring, granite, and acrylic polymers like Marble for countertops ensure long term use.
  • Energy Saving Kitchens: Kitchen renovations of old houses almost always need new appliances and lighting fixtures to be put in to provide the user more convenient, energy saving and easy to use options. Renovating spaces to put in the new appliances as well as figuring out their power supply is a must. Brighter and more energy efficient lighting like LED lights and strips under cabinets can immediately make space look elegant. Adding windows or more opening the kitchen to a terrace or balcony can ultimately it is making it more airy, warm, and appealing. It is essential that sunlight reaches your kitchen.

Renovations on A Budget:

Kitchen Renovations on A Budget

As stated earlier, kitchen renovations are quite expensive; hence, for those on a budget, it would be helpful to understand which aspects to splurge and on which to save.

Splurge On:

  • Countertops: They weather the most wear and are used continuously; hence, they must be durable, spill-proof, easy to clean, and round-edged for safety.
  • Appliances: Only buy essential tools but of good quality with a warranty so that they last long and survive daily usage.
  • Faucets: Being the primary source of water, it should be of high quality and durability as well as versatile.

Save On:

Save on Kitchen Renovation

  • Cabinets: They don’t have to be fancy with a polished wood finish. Sturdy thick cabinets with right quality hinge work great.
  • Sink: A regular stainless-steel sink with good depth and size is practical.
  • Lighting: Instead of fancy pendant lighting or expensive fixtures, using led lights is both energy efficient and budget-friendly.

Despite stringent budgeting, it is still advised to allocate at least 15% of the fixed budget more to the project for emergency expenditures as large-scale kitchen renovations can be unpredictable.

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