Mother’s Day Is on Its Way: Don’t Miss Out On These Amazing 2019 Jewelry Gift Ideas


Mother's Day Jewelry Gifts

We all love our mothers, as well as the mothers in our lives, like our wives, sisters, and friends. We aren’t always the best at acting quickly when it comes to saying, buying presents for Mother’s Day before the last minute.

Every year, it can feel as though Mother’s Day comes on earlier and earlier, leaving you with less time to find the perfect gift. This year do not allow the women in your life to open up anything short of an ideal gift.

Of course, jewelry is always a timeless, classy choice for a gift. But what do you buy for the women who (seemingly) already have it all?

Well, you should consider the latest and most popular 2019 trends. With unique, fresh designs, these pieces offer something unique, and sure to become a highlight of even the most enviable jewelry collections.

Custom Birthstone Rings

Customization is a rising trend in jewelry, and it does not seem to be calming down. It makes perfect sense. Why waste your time looking for the ideal piece just to come along when you can take the matter into your own hands and design something perfect for you?

Every person has their unique sense of style, although many of us tend to feel a sentimental attachment to pieces that we think represent us– like our birthstones and zodiac signs.

The custom trend is everywhere– as a matter of fact, more brides and grooms alike are choosing custom wedding bands and engagement rings for their nuptials. You obviously will not need to get such a ring for your mother. However, custom birthstone rings remain all the rage.

Every birthstone has a unique flair and beautiful appearance, and they often represent and reflect the traits of that birth month. Whether your mother is lucky enough to rep a deep green emerald for Mayor a gorgeous crimson January garnet, a custom birthstone ring is a perfect way to reflect her unique and irreplaceable spirit and personality.

Just remember that creating the perfect custom piece is a time-consuming matter– so you may want to act quickly (or let her take the reins on the design process).

Statement Necklace

It’s 2019, and women no longer feel any pressure to be “subtle.” Instead, bold, eye-catching statement necklaces are growing in popularity. No matter how old or how attention-grabbing the ladies in your life are, they can certainly prove that making a statement does not mean you have to sacrifice classiness.

Engraved Locket

Some gifts are timeless and classic. Engraved lockets are nothing new, but they are gorgeous pieces that are perfect for women who value more subtle and sentimental pieces. Additionally, the engraving gives you the ability to send a personal message. Whether you want to thank you for all the hard work that’s gone unnoticed or congratulate her for her accomplishments, your engraved message is one she will certainly not be forgetting any time soon.

Embrace New Shapes

2019 is a year we’re shaking things up is essential. Whether it be minimalist necklaces or attention-grabbing diamond rings, a lot of contemporary jewelry features distinctive shapes. Would your mother ever try elegant pear-shaped earrings? Or a bracelet adorned with spherical gemstones? What about the trendy and bohemian appearance of a triangle necklace?

No matter what your mother’s distinctive style is, playing with shapes is a surefire way to give her wardrobe a splash of personality, and get her into the spirit of summer fun.

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Don’t Wait To Find The Perfect Gift

The clock is ticking, and the big day is just around the corner. It’s hard to decide what’s worth– forgetting a gift all together or presenting your mother with a cheap gift that did not come from the heart, but rather a rush from the department store to her Mother’s Day brunch.

If you want your mother to have the kind of gift that she will never forget, you should stop by our showroom. Not only do we offer an extensive collection of gold, diamonds, and silver jewelry pieces, but we can also work with you to design your custom pieces, giving you full control from the early sketches to the final product.

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