Motorcycle Garage Storage Ideas


Motorcycle Garage Storage Ideas

Your favorite motorcycle needs a specific place after the long haul all day long. It does not matter how many kilometers you ride per day. Besides, you may be a casual weekend rider. Your motorcycle deserves a neat and clean storage space. There are many ways you can transform your garage storage for your motorcycle.

If you are willing to spend money, you can get them from the online marketplace. Otherwise, you can generate ideas from your own experience. It will save you money and helps you do it yourself. Keeping your motorcycle anywhere at home is not a good idea, though. By using some materials, including wooden pallets, screws, and the like, you can go ahead. A garage for your favorite motorcycle is an essential space you need to use it.

Garage storage for your motorcycle allows your home to keep neat and tidy, as well. Otherwise, if you park your motorcycle in different places at home every day, it will become dirty by the dust and dirt coming along with the motorcycle’s wheels. On the other hand, using the same allocated storage space for your bike helps you avoid dirt and dust.

Maybe, you own a car or more. If you have a car, you might also have the garage storage for your car. The vehicle does not occupy the total space of your garage. Yes, you can find out storage space for your motorcycle in the garage. It does not require too spacious area to keep the motorcycle. You can use your garage corner or any space for this purpose.

In this article, I will share with you some motorcycle garage storage ideas in an exciting way. There are many ways you can transform your garage for motorcycle storage. Among so many ideas, I have come up with a few of them I follow for my motorcycle.

Use Your Garage’s Floor For The Storage Of Your Motorcycle

A real biker loves his motorcycle more than anything in the world. Yes, it is true, indeed. In the same way, you also love your favorite bike and never want to keep it in the old storage space. You can quickly transform your garage’s floor for your motorcycle’s storage space.

You can design the floor in two different ways for the motorcycle. Your garage is already looking sleek and attractive. Now it is time for your motorcycle to allow some specific space for it. You can paint with a different color coat on the floor where your motorcycle will remain.

Moreover, you can make a little bit raised space for your motorcycle. If you want to do so, you will need some wooden pallets. Make sure you are using the wood pallets, which are sturdy enough to hold your motorcycle’s weight for the whole night or the entire week.

Don’t make it too high or too low. A moderate height of the storage space will do the work. All you need to make a stair-like box which will help you to ride your motorcycle on the platform.

Make Space For Your Riding Gears And Clothing In The Garage

In this case, the wall of the garage should come into consideration. You can hang them, including a leather jacket, helmet, gloves, boots, and the like on the wall using some hanger or rack. There are different kinds of stands out there in the market you can choose from them.

Also, you can make them on your own. If you search online, you will get enormous resources on how to make a DIY gear rack at home. It will save you money. All you have to do is to spend some time and utilize your creativity.

While attaching the racks, hangers, or hooks on the wall, make sure you have done them in an organized way. Use power tools like a drill to drill the wall and insert royal plugs into every hole. And, with the screwdriver, install the hooks, racks, and hangers-on the wall securely so that they never fall or break down.

Garage Idea For Your Motorcycle In Winter

In winter, your motorcycle needs extra care than in the summer season. As a rider, you should also know that your motorcycle starts after trying two or three times. For extreme cold, it happens, and you have to kick more and more if there do not have a self-start feature in your motorcycle.

It is more convenient for you if you can keep your motorcycle in the car lift. In winter, people do not ride motorcycle frequently. Alternatively, they tend to use their cars for cold weather. So, keeping your motorcycle on the lift, you don’t need to take it out daily.

Also, it saves space in the garage for other vehicles if you have one. It just helps you to keep your motorcycle off the ground. Thus, the idea of garage storage for your bike saves space.

Portable Storage Idea

It is another idea of your motorcycle storage space in the garage. You can move your motorcycle anywhere you need to free some space for your car. Having wheels under the flat area of wooden pallets or iron, it allows you to move it quickly from one place to another in case of your need.

But make sure you have used wheel locks with the wheels. The locks will prevent the platform of the motorcycle from moving back and fro.

Final Verdict

Designing cohesive and organized garage storage for your motorcycle, research requires. I think this article on the specific topic will help you find the best ideas for your garage storage ideas for your favorite motorcycle. Besides, designing a great storage space for your motorcycle is fun too!

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