Move-In-Soon Homes And Move-In-Ready Homes: Is There A Difference?


New Home

Buying a home is stressful, especially if you choose a home that needs work. Fortunately, developers are building new homes in Tolleson AZ, that is move-in-soon and move-in-ready. Knowing the differences will help you make the right choice before you make your purchase.

Move-In-Soon Homes

Move-in-soon homes are ready for quick occupancy. This type of home has the framing finished so buyers can see the bones of the home. Framing involves the room sizes, staircase placement, and locations of electrical and plumbing. Buyers get to choose the finishes, like the cabinets, flooring, countertops, tile, and appliances. Many developers have a variety of options for buyers to choose from, so the options aren’t usually limitless.

Because developers need to complete the interior finishes, buyers have to wait to move in. However, the move-in date won’t be far into the future because the structural elements are completed.

Move-In-Ready Homes

Move-in-ready and move-in-soon homes are similar in the way they have the structural elements finished before buyers sign the papers. Where the two differ is that move-in-ready homes have the finishes in place. They often have neutral flooring, paint colors, and cabinets, so they appeal to a wide range of buyers who want a place to live now. If you don’t have the option of waiting for contractors to finish your home to your exact specifications, move-in-ready home is your best choice.

Benefits Of Move-In-Soon Homes

If you work with a developer to build a custom home, you could wait up to two years from start to finish. With supply-chain issues, the new builds can take even longer. With move-in-soon, the wait time can be as short as a few weeks and as long as a few months.

The top benefit is being able to choose the finishes, so your home feels customized, despite the predetermined structural elements. You can add value to your home by choosing hardwood floors, upgraded tiles, and quartz countertops.

Depending on when you choose your move-in-soon home, you could have a say in the framing and structural parts. You might be able to adjust the sizes of the rooms or the placement of the staircases. If you get involved in the process early, you could have a say in the type of fireplace stones. Another benefit of a move-in-soon home is being able to choose the blinds and light fixtures.

Benefits Of A Move-In-Ready Home

The stress of buying a home is timing. With limited options in the market, buyers are moving fast and placing high bids. Because of the limited options, sellers want attractive closing dates and more money for their homes – regardless of quality and move-in status.

With a move-in-ready home, you don’t have to worry about a seller making unreasonable demands. The developers tend to ask reasonable prices, and they often include warranties to cover the structural elements and finishes. Move-in-ready homes are buyer-friendly as the homes are designed to make the buying process convenient and stress-free.

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