Moving Day Etiquette: Things Moving Companies Expect You To Know And Do


As a customer, you expect the movers you have hired to finish their job to their best. Likewise, movers Sacramento also want you to know some moving etiquettes. This will help them have your relocation go as smoothly as possible and let them do their job without any challenges. Your moving company will want you to interact with them fairly and want you to know the moving etiquettes. It’s important to know these things because this helps make the relocation smooth for all the people involved.


Here are things your movers wish you knew when they are handling your relocation.

Don’t Leave Packing To The Last Day

If you haven’t hired packing services, you need to ensure that all your stuff is packed before moving day. Packing hastily in front of your movers when they come to load your belongings into a moving truck makes things difficult for movers and you as well. Not only will this waste their time, but also the prospect of a haphazard situation. This can lead to more confusion.

So, to make things easier for them, pack everything before they come and are ready to pick your stuff up.

Keep Your Kids And Pets Away From The Area

No matter how unruly your children and pets are, make sure they are away from the moving area. Their intrusion can falter the moving process. So, when the move is happening, your children and pet should be sent to your neighbor’s home or other places which are not affected by the moving process. Keeping them away from the moving situation is also essential for their safety and preventing injuries.

Labels The Items Fragile For The Items That Need Extra Care And Attention

When you’re in charge of packing your stuff, labeling items that are fragile is so important for keeping them from getting damaged during transportation or loading or unloading. If you label the boxes with fragile writing on them, it would indicate the movers to handle that stuff gently and with care. Your moving companies in Sacramento need to know which boxes they need to handle gently. So, don’t forget to do this.

Attach Stickers To Boxes With Their Respective Destination

Labeled Boxes

Labeled boxes will be easier to put to their respective destination than boxes with no labels. This will help the moving service put the stuff at rite locations; in turn, this will make things easier for you when it comes to finding things at your new location. This will save up on the money you are paying them. Movers are hired only hourly wage. So, this saves their time if you label the boxes according to the location they will go. Instead of scavenging things, you will locate items easily.

Know Which Stuff Can’t Be Moved During Relocation

Sacramento moving service providers have a checklist of the things they don’t move because they are hazardous. You must be aware of these things before your moving day.

Here Are The Items That Are Dangerous To Move And Will Refuse You To Move:

  • Flammable substances
  • Gasoline
  • Lighter fluid
  • Propane
  • Nail polish remover
  • Paints and paint thinners
  • Matches
  • Fireworks
  • Oxygen bottles

Empty Your Almirah And Other Drawers

An almirah and other big organizers with drawers are heavy and not empty; it will trouble the moving team while they move these things. It’s difficult to handle things with stuff in them, and moving professionals will find trouble lifting them. In addition, these can also put them at the risk of injury. Remove all the things from drawers and empty your almirah and other desks to ensure the safety of your movers.

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