Moving To A New Apartment: Things And Thinks You Need In Advance


A New House Moving Announcements

Moving to a new apartment is not an event that happens too often in our lives. And not everybody can quickly gain experience in this matter. That’s why the prospect of moving for most people is stressful.

Below are the things you should do accordingly to help yourself out in these painful moments.

List Of Necessary Materials For Moving To A New Apartment

Think about what materials you may need and purchase them in advance.

Moving to a new apartment: what you need to buy (list):

  1. Container:

  • Wardrobe trunks, suitcases for clothes.
  • Boxes of different sizes. You can buy them or just ask at any nearby store. It’s not worth taking too large, as they will become cumbersome when you fill them.
  • Shopping bags (shuttle bags). This is just what you need when moving to a new apartment. They are quite durable, different in size, and, when folded, take up very little space.
  • Bags for construction waste. They are also durable and inexpensive.
  • Garbage bags. We recommend taking a few packs of different colors and sizes.
  1. Packaging Materials:

  • Old newspapers. Nowhere without them.
  • And as much as possible. It is best to take color to use it for marking.
  • Packaging film (stretch) is an excellent material, versatile, and easy to use.
  • Holder for adhesive tape (dispenser). Useful when moving to a new apartment. It will significantly speed up and facilitate the packaging process.
  • Masking tape. Be careful when using it. It can break at the most inopportune moment.
  1. Accessories For Marking:

  • Colored paper, stickers.
  • Multi-colored felt-tip pens and markers.
  • Also, do not forget to prepare a notebook and pen for notes.

Number everything possible: furniture details, bags, bags, boxes. Try to make the number visible from either side. You don’t want to turn each bag or box to see it, right? A detailed list of everything in the package should be recorded in a notebook or notebook.

At the moment, of course, you remember what you put where. However, after a few days, you probably can’t guess what is inside this or that box. Such records are best duplicated: leave the original in a notebook and put a copy in the package itself (package, box).

It may be more convenient for you to pack things about their location in your previous apartment. Then you can make such notes: “Box number 6 – a bedside table in the bedroom.”

 Moreover, then it will be easier for you to layout things. However, this does not mean that you do not need to make a detailed list. Most likely, you will recall that a certain object was in the cabinet, but it’s unlikely on which shelf. But for different shelves, you have different boxes.

Unloading packages in the new apartment, the things from the bedroom immediately put in the bedroom and from the living room – in the living room. Either act according to the plan you have developed.

To make unloading and unpacking as easy as possible, assign each room a different color (bedroom – yellow, living room – pink, kitchen – orange). And mark all packages with stickers or duct tape in the appropriate shade.

On the eve of moving to a new apartment, you can also mark the doors of all rooms in it with a color code. Then your assistants will also immediately know where to put it. Just don’t forget to inform them in advance about the colored markings.

How To Prepare For The First Evening In A New Place

Of course, household and organizational chores associated with moving to a new apartment cause stress. However, the most difficult thing a person is experiencing is how this hectic period intersects with his ordinary life.

Regardless of how much work you have completed and how much you still have to do, you have to cook every day, go to work, take care of the children, pick up clothes according to the weather, charge gadgets and try not to lose your documents in all this turmoil.

Therefore, it is better to think about how to organize the everyday things.

We recommend starting with packing “essentials”; they should always be at hand. Imagine that you go on a couple of weeks to rest. Then it will be easier to understand what exactly relates to these things.

Often there is such a situation when they move to a new apartment is over, all members of the family are exhausted, and the bed has not been assembled yet. In order not to be in this situation, move already with the bed.

You can even make the bed in the same place with clean linen, and then just roll it all up (along with a blanket, pillow, and mattress). It remains only to put the finished kit in a separate package and sign it. Then the bed in the new apartment will be assembled in a few minutes.

We recommend marking boxes with the most important inscription, “open first.” One of them should contain kitchen utensils (a minimum set of spoons and cups, a kettle, one pan, and a frying pan). In another, pack things for the bathroom (soap, towel, toothbrushes, etc.).

Such packages should also include a bag of rags and cleaning products. Surely you will need to wipe or wash something in a new apartment.

Collect individual boxes with the belongings of each family member. Fold in them several sets of clothes and linen, shoes for the first time, etc. The ideal option is when everyone has their suitcase. Then it will be easy to notice them among other packages.

It is also important to prepare a new apartment for your arrival. Be sure to ventilate the room and turn on the light. Wash the windowsills and floor thoroughly, especially in the corners. This will reduce your time for arranging imported furniture. If you find any things of the former residents, immediately throw them away so that they do not interfere later.


These are the things you need to do alone before the homecoming party. You can invite your friends and family to come and help you out arranging everything. You can give them a hint before arriving in the specially made personalized change of address cards to let them mentally prepared to do some extra work.

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