Moving To A New Home Checklist: Look For These 11 Things


Moving To A New Home Checklist

Congratulations on purchasing a new home! While moving to a new home comes with a feeling of excitement, there’s no doubt that it can be overwhelming when you don’t have an idea of where to start. Therefore, you need a new home checklist to simplify the tedious task.

When moving to a new home, you should stay organized, and the best way to achieve that is by using a new home checklist. This article explores some of the most useful things you should look for in your list when moving, including all the essentials.

Moving To A New Home Checklist: Before And After

Some home sellers usually help homebuyers move, simplifying the process. An excellent example is the Ballantrae houses for sale. Now, let’s look at what you should check before and after moving to a new home.

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Essentials To Check On Before Moving

Before moving to a new home, you should prioritize the things you’ll first need the moment you step your feet in that home. Here are the things you should do before moving.

  1. Set Up Your Utilities

Nothing makes a homeowner so uncomfortable, like moving into a new house with no electricity, gas, water, and internet. So, it would help if you transferred your utilities to the new home before moving.

However, utility providers in the location of your new home may be different from the ones in your old neighborhood. In that case, you need to make arrangements with the utility companies in the new location. Ensure that you notify them early about your moving date.

  1. Install The Internet And TV

Installing the internet and TV in your new home will make your life more comfortable and convenient. With the advent of smart home technology, homeowners rely on the internet to remotely control connected devices, such as a smart thermostat.

Some of the things you will need for the internet and TV installation include Ethernet cables, a router, modem, surge protectors, and extension cords. As you look for the best internet and cable companies, compare the prices of many service providers to get the best deal.

  1. Prepare The Essential Tools And Equipment

There is no doubt that you’ll need to move items, screw house equipment, replace worn-out things, and make holes on surfaces. All the tasks require specialized tools and equipment. Some of them include trash bags, box cutters, a first-aid kit, new light bulbs, new batteries, and any other essential tools you can find.

After preparing everything, you’ll need to hire a moving company like King’s Moving to help you get the job done quickly and effectively. If you have a lot of stuff, it’s worth paying a moving company to help.

  1. Replace The House Locks

Security should be your top priority when moving into a new house. If you are relocating to a home that someone lived before, you should replace all the locks. You never know if the previous tenant has copies of your new home’s keys.

  1. Get A New Address

Your home address is a vital aspect of your life. For example, it would help if you had it to send your mails, activate your subscriptions, and enroll in loyalty programs. Also, when registering your car and driver’s license, there’s no doubt that you’ll issue your address.

So, updating your physical address is of crucial relevance when moving to a new home. Once you’ve done that, contact your service providers and inform them about your new address.

  1. Assemble Important Documents

Ensure that you gather all relevant documents, including social security cards, insurance policies, birth certificates, and medical records. Make sure you protect your new largest investment from unexpected events life may throw your way. It’s no doubt that you will need them when you move to a new location.

  1. Clean The New Home

When moving to a home that someone else had occupied, it’s essential to clean the entire house before relocating. Thankfully, many cleaning companies can help you accomplish the task. All you need to do is schedule the exercise in advance.

You also need to clean your old house before leaving. It would help if you did that after packing every item. Ensure that you wipe the dirty walls, vacuum all the floors, and sweep the home’s surroundings.

  1. Improve Your New Home

Most previously occupied homes usually have faulty materials that require repairs and improvements. These can be leaking taps, broken windows, unlockable doors, and leaky plumbing. In most cases, the property’s management will take care of all these.

However, you can also contribute towards the home’s improvement, especially if you want to customize the house to suit your needs. For example, there may be a specific paint color you would love to apply to your walls.

If you need a hand with any of the necessary improvements or repairs to your new home, there is a handyman service in Canton, GA that nearby residents count on.

Essentials To Check On After Moving

Once you’ve brought all the essentials into your new home, there are a couple of things you should still do to get started. You should:

  1. Check The Circuit Breakers

It’s essential to locate the circuit breaker in your new home. Then, whenever a power outage occurs, you won’t have to search for it in the dark if you know its location. Most circuit breakers are usually present in hallways, basements, and storage closets.

  1. Update Your HVAC System

Heating your home can be costly if the HVAC system is obsolete and inefficient. You can check it out to ensure that it’s in good condition. Ensure that the house is well-insulated to prevent dissipation during heating. Remember to replace all the worn-out equipment.

  1. Install Smoke Detectors

If the new home has no smoke detectors, ensure that you install some to keep your family safe when a fire outbreak occurs. Installing smoke detectors is less costly. You should always confirm if they are functional by testing them at least once every month.

Final Words

While it’s essential to have a checklist when moving to a new home, you should also buy everything you might need for a comfortable living. Ensure that all the kitchen, living room, bedroom, and bathroom necessities are in place after moving. Generally, a moving to a new home checklist can help you relocate without struggles.

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