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The Master bedroom closet used to be one door that you could open. You choose your clothes and then close the door. Closets were just that, a closet with none another purpose than holding clothes. But times have changed. Today master bedrooms have closets with enough space for holding seating, furniture, dressing area, and storage. This has become common in master bedrooms of newly constructed condos and apartments. The closet is expected to be a modern multifunctional bedroom closet. The old style of the one-function closet is long gone, and as a matter of fact, multifunctional closets will be staying.

Tips for designing your multifunctional bedroom closet:

Depending on your lifestyle, career, financial status, and how much you love your apparel and accessories, it will help you decide how much space will be needed for your multifunctional closet. Access need for space you require for getting dressed. The more you need space to store, the more space will be required for you to fit other functions along with wardrobe items.

Master bedroom wardrobe closet

In a multifunctional closet, you have to decide on what functions your closet must serve. Like some people organize their wardrobe with matching accessories. Like do you want to arrange clothes as per color, season or as per your liking? The multifunctional closet can be for the whole family, that is, parents and children. The multifunctional bedroom closet can be a place where children get ready with their parents for school. Every household is different and has different needs and functions. Depending on what function your closet must serve, you have to get it designed so. Remember to have necessities as opposed to luxury functions.

Bedrooms closet décor ideas

Master bedroom closets are not always large. Making small close that is multifunctional can have challenges, but it is very versatile and doable. Consider installing the closet organizer, which can divide clothing into a personal area that is in line with the lifestyle. Optimize vertical space well. Use mirrors on the back of the closet door, which will add a dressing area, and you don’t have to walk inside your closet. Have a small ottoman with integral storage to put shoes that slide inside the closet when it’s not in use. This way, you can have dressed, choose an area, and sit all in one closet space.

Organised bedroom closet

The multifunctional master bedroom closet can have decorative touches like decorative shelves, baskets, wall sconces, and pendant lightings.

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