Must Have Accessories For A Living Room Makeover


Living Room Makeover

Why do you need a living room makeover?

Our homes should always feel homely, comfortable, and like a representation of us. After a while, the rooms in our house will slowly drift away from us as we live and grow. When this happens, it is time to give your home a makeover, and what room needs this more than a living room. The living room is the room in which most activities happen. We tend to spend a vast majority of our time awake at home in this room, so this room, along with the bedroom, is most important for you to be pleased with.

When making over your house, you may get a bit stuck for ideas, wondering what will look good or what items can resonate with your new vibe. This is why we have a list of absolute items for when you spruce up your living space.

  1. Plants

The number one item on this list has to be planted. Indoor plants go with everything, and a vibrant, green, natural plant is something every living room should include. Succulent plants are probably the easiest for people who are great at killing plants, as most succulents and cacti do not need much care. Plants are also epic household items for mental health; they brighten up the room, release oxygen, and caring for them is a great distraction from the stresses of modern life. Get a plant.

  1. Wall Clock

Sure, we all have mobile phones and clocks on our laptops, but nothing quite says home, sweet, home like a wall clock. If you get a wall clock, you want some that screams ‘style’ too, so you can’t just get any old wall clock; you want something that has pizzazz to it. Perhaps a top-notch Rolex wall clock, so when your friends and family come over, it can tell them just how stylish you are. The type of clock you have in your home mirrors your sense of style, so make the right choice and go Rolex.

  1. A Snug Rug

Not only does a living room scream your sense of style, but it also is your place for comfort, snuggling up by the fire, watching movies, reading a book, and relaxing after a long day. A snug rug in your home will give you that ‘home sweet home’ feeling. Nothing is quite as good as your tired toes sweeping through the threads of a snug rug as you drag your feet and your hot cocoa to your comfy chair. Ahh.

  1. A Stylish Coffee Table

You’re going to need somewhere to perch that tasty hot cocoa and the floor, isn’t it. Coffee tables come in different styles; you could get a metallic one, a natural wood carved table, a glass table. You can get all styles, shapes, colors; there is something for everyone. And so, don’t risk your hot cocoa or your glass of wine spilling all over your nice new snug rug; get a coffee table, one that says ‘comfort’ and matches your unique aesthetic.

  1. Candles

While we do have light bulbs and technology that makes candles obsolete as a lighting source, they are still useful for giving that ‘cozy’ factor, especially in the winter. Candles themselves can be a whole vibe and aesthetic; they give your home a comfy feel. You do not have to be planning a romantic evening; you can still use candles to make your room feel cozy, inviting, and intimate. Display them anywhere too, the mantel, coffee table, side table. You do not even have to light them; use them as an ornamental piece.

There are so many types as well, tealights, church style, you could get wood-wick candles if you want the sound of a crackling fire to give your home that cozy winter evening warmth.

  1. Unique Bookends

Most people can agree that displaying books, even if they are not read and just for display, can make your living room look stylish. If you have a bookshelf or keep them on the mantel, it will make your home look wonderful, and it will make you look well-read to your house guests. But the last thing you want is disorganized books; this is why you need bookends. This is an item you can get in any style; if you like marble, you can get them in marble. If you like dogs, you can get dog-shaped ones; they come in all materials, shapes, and forms and can give your home just what it needs, organization, and style all in one.

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Preeti Shah is a person who loves checking out different styles and designs of houses. She took interior designing in college and is practicing in the field of home improvement for five years now. In her spare time, she is usually searching the web for interesting and fascinating home designs.


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