Must-Have Appliances For An Office Kitchen


Designing a beautiful office is necessary if you want your employees to be productive, motivated, and happy. After all, your business largely depends on the staff you surround yourself with.

Even though it’s essential to find skillful and talented people to join your team, your job shouldn’t end there. You need to do your best for those people to be satisfied with their working environment. And that brings us to the office kitchen.

The office kitchen isn’t just a place where employees go when they are thirsty or in the mood for a snack. It is also the place where most of them will spend their lunch breaks, chatting, and relaxing. So, the choice of appliances you put in this room will show your employees just how much you care about their break and well-being. Provide them with these must-have appliances, and you will have happy employees in your office.

  1. Water Cooler

Water Cooler

An office water dispensers are probably the first appliance that comes to your mind when you think of office appliances. No matter how many different types of employees you have, there is one appliance, every one of them will need at some point of the day – a water cooler. Everybody drinks water, and some of them even use water from the water cooler to make tea or coffee.

A water cooler can hold gallons of water, and it provides your employees with both cold and hot water at all times. The fact that it has an added filtration means the water will always be crystal clear, and it will taste great.

  1. Mini Fridge

Mini Fridge

Many employees bring their lunch to work, so it’s only natural they should have a place to store their food until the lunch break. Some people also like to throw office parties and occasions like a promotion when somebody is going to bring a cake to work. It would be a shame that all of that food goes spoiled just because there isn’t a quality mini-fridge.

  1. Toaster


While some employees bring their lunch to work, others like preparing their snacks in the office kitchen. A toaster is a handy appliance for an office kitchen for those who like toast sandwiches, but some employees could also be using it for heating their breakfast, too. Toasters are very easy to move, and they don’t occupy a lot of space. Not to mention they’re cheap.

  1. Ice Maker

Ice Maker

Some people prefer their beverages cold, so it’s never going to be a problem when you have an ice maker in the office kitchen. Maybe you think that an ice tray would suffice, but that means that your employees would be expected to make ice every time you run out of it. It’s just simpler to have a machine that handles making ice and being done with it.

You can build the ice maker into the cabinet or get a portable version that you could place on the top of the countertop. That way, you can be sure you won’t run out of ice even during an office party.

  1. Blender


Maybe it’s not a frequently seen appliance in an office kitchen. Still, it’s growing in popularity for one simple reason – many people are starting to realize how much smoothies are healthy and nutritious. A smoothie could efficiently serve as a meal, and it’s a must for those who are trying to lose weight and those who lead a healthy lifestyle.

Show your employees you care about their well-being by providing them with a blender. Don’t forget that a mixer can also be used for salad dressings, as well as for making margaritas at office parties!  Use the best blender for protein shakes as well. The Vitamix E320 blender is among the latest models released by Vitamix. Please read the Vitamix E320 Reviews before buying it for your office or home.

  1. Microwave


Bearing in mind that many employees bring their lunch to work and keep it in the mini-fridge, it’s only reasonable that they would want to heat their meal on the lunch break. A microwave is one of the essential appliances in an office kitchen – it’s quick and easy to maintain.

  1. Coffee Maker

Coffee Maker

An office is merely unimaginable without a coffee maker. Many people enjoy drinking coffee, and this beverage is usually the first one that many of us reach out for when we need to wake ourselves up and boost our energy. So, you should better up your game when it comes to choosing the right coffee maker for your employees.

You may find yourself torn apart among all the available types of coffee makers. Some of them brew only a single cup, while others can brew a whole pot if you need it. Maybe the best option would be to browse quality coffee pod machines because they don’t require cleaning messy filters and grinding coffee – they do all by themselves when you slot the pod.

  1. Tea Kettle

Tea Kettle

Even though coffee may easily be the favorite beverage at work, some people prefer a cup of warm tea instead. So, providing your employees with various types of tea bags would be thoughtful. Of course, warm tea means your employees will need hot water, too. Even though other appliances like the microwave can heat water, most tea drinkers prefer a tea kettle for the complete experience. It doesn’t cost a lot, and it’s easy to place anywhere.

  1. Beverage Refrigerator

Beverage Refrigerator

You may think that having a mini-fridge in the office kitchen is quite enough, but there’s more to it. Depending on the size of your business, it could make sense to get a beverage fridge. Most of the refrigerators have at least two shelves that have enough room for 12 cans. However, you can also keep wine and beer bottles, as well as milk cartons there. Although your employees would primarily use it, no reason why your clients could help themselves with a cold drink. It creates a cozy atmosphere.

  1. Popcorn Maker

Popcorn Maker

Popcorn is a great snack at work because it’s tasty, filling, and very easy to make. Even though your employees could use the microwave for making popcorn, you know that just 20 seconds too long, and your office will have the smell of a burnt bag. On the other hand, a popcorn maker adds fun to the office and let everybody, including clients, to have this lovely snack within their reach.

  1. Rice Cooker

Rice Cooker

Just like the blender, the rice cooker is growing in popularity because people are trying to eat healthier no matter where they are. Brown rice is especially in demand because of high nutritive value and a low number of calories. Rice is a part of many healthy meals so that a rice cooker would be a perfect addition to your office kitchen. Your employees will love it, mainly because it makes perfect rice with just a push of a button.

  1. The Small Items

Office Grocery

You probably have in mind most of these kitchen items. However, it’s always good to be reminded of them so that you don’t miss a thing.

First of all, you need to have presentable tea and coffee cups. Some people enjoy drinking beverages from cute or elegant cups. Don’t buy them without giving any thought to them.

Big and small bowls, as well as plates, are essential when your employees are having lunch in the kitchen. The same thing works here – let them be vivid and cheerful – it leaves a good impression.

Spoons and forks are something that no employee should carry from their home. So, provide a sufficient number of forks and spoons so that everybody can use them even twice a day if necessary.

Water bottles are a smart way of keeping count of how much water you have drunk throughout the working hours. It also saves time – no need to get up and fill a glass every time you want to drink water.

A couple of storage boxes will be perfect for keeping biscuits and hard candy. They will also prevent a mess in the kitchen – a few storage boxes of different sizes will keep everything in order.

Glasses are essential for any kitchen. You can make a distinction between everyday and fancy glasses (the ones used for celebrations and parties, as well as clients).

A utensil stand is a convenient item that keeps your appliances organized. And it makes it easier to remember where everything is kept.

Coasters are easy to forget even though they are essential because they keep your furniture safe while drinking all kinds of beverages. If you find presentable coasters – that’s a plus.

Lastly, a clean dustbin is a must in an office kitchen. Just make sure it’s regularly emptied.

  1. Kegerator


If you want to raise the bar when it comes to office kitchen appliances and spoil your employees, then you have to get a kegerator. Not only will it delight your employees, but t will also impress your clients and attract new talent.

Kegerator is a type of a mini-fridge where you can keep a keg of beer or wine at a temperature you set. That way, your employees can get a nice, cold drink whenever they want to. It’s possible to build a kegerator directly into the countertops of the office kitchen. Alternatively, you can opt for a freestanding version in your own office. This is an excellent item every time you have casual Fridays, or you want to organize a celebration. Just think about it – having a draft beer dispenser in the office kitchen or your own office is pretty cool!

Final Words

Creating a successful business doesn’t happen only by starting it and finding the right people. Every factor has its role in the process, and the working place is one of those factors. Each room in the office has significance, and the office kitchen is one of the rooms you should pay a lot of attention to when designing it and filling it with appliances. Every appliance there serves your employees’ needs, which is why you need to make sure that everybody’s preferences are taken into account. The more effort you put into this room, the more your employees will understand you appreciate them and their work.

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