Must Know Things Before Installing Motorized Window Shades


Motorized Window Shades

As the popularity of motorized shading systems continues to grow due to advance in technology, it is important to know some features of the appliance. Just before now, controlling window shades used to be unattractive, loud, and often glitchy. The advancement in the control protocols and the motor component alongside improved form factor has brought tremendous upgrades to the motorized window shades. Here are some things you need to know about them;

They Can be Wireless or Wired

The motorized shading systems come in two different forms; these are; wired and wireless.  The wired shades have separate lines that run to each shade and then connect the shades to a central control system. With the wireless window shades, the motor that powers the shade is connected to a control system via a wireless network. Both wired and wireless motorized shades are reliable, but the wireless option tends to be slightly more expensive.

They are Powered by Batteries

The motorized shading systems are powered by batteries, and that is why they don’t require any wiring for control. There are brands of motorized window shades that can run for more than three years before the batteries need to be replaced.

They come in a Wide Range of Colors

These motorized window shades do come in roller and honeycomb styles, and they are available in a wide range of colors- The black, silver, blue and brown are usually the commonest, though you can find some other colors more prominent in your region. The colors are generally characterized by four different levels of opaqueness. Some brands of wireless and wired window shades will work with a remote control to create different shades in unison.

They can be Automated

You can easily automate or integrate the motorized shading systems into your existing smart home. Doing this can create some neat and unique features around. For instance, you can automate the window shades with automatic timers, where different shades can be created based on the temperature and time of the day. You can even set the timer in such a way that even the position of the sun will automatically open or close the shade. Some manufacturers have included some roof-mounted sensors for the sun’s position, to assist with the timing and also reduce the amount of sunlight incident on your windows.


Motorized shading systems can be installed in almost any part of your indoor area. You can install it for instance, in your master bedroom and integrate it wirelessly with your alarm system. When your alarm clock goes off, for instance, the window shades will assume a position to help you wake up early in the morning. You must schedule a regular maintenance service for your motorized window shading device to ensure that it is working optimally. This should be done alongside constant inspection of the component. When properly maintained, the lifespan of the motorized device will be extended significantly for many years. Make sure you look out for products with manufacturer warranty.

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