My Private Sanctuary: How to Design the Perfect Bedroom


A bedroom is a place considered by many as their sanctuary. It’s a place where dreams, imaginations, and aspirations run wild. For some, a bedroom isn’t just a place to rest. It’s a place that is sacred. For some, the bedroom is a place to heal.

A bedroom is a place very sacred that few people invite others inside this space. A bedroom only becomes shared when a person lets someone else inside. In the rarest occasions, if you do get to enter someone’s bedroom, know that they trust and care deeply for you. Do not ever destroy the sanctity of the room because, to them, a bedroom is a representation of their actual self.

There is psychology involved in a person’s identity and behavior with their bedrooms. As this room is considered a private or personal space, whatever is inside their room will reflect their personality. For example, a dirty and disorganized room might signify that a person is unmotivated or highly apathetic.

Another example is when the bedroom is tidy and clean. This arrangement could tell that the person residing in this room is particular in organizing things and motivated. In any case, if you’re beginning to live in your house or you started moving in a newly rented one, chances are, you the one who will decide on what goes in and out of your bedroom?

Remember that a bedroom is a person’s private sanctuary. The tips included in this article are only a representation of what is an ideal bedroom for everybody. Here are some of those tips in helping you design your very own space.

Focal Point

Focal Point Of The Bedroom

Every room has a focal point. Focal points are places which garner attraction and is the thing that sets the overall tone of the mood inside. Focal points are similar to centerpieces. Instead of just being responsible for pure aesthetics, the centerpiece becomes a place to sleep and rest.

Yes, a bed is mainly the focal point of the bedroom. It is what a person would immediately see when they step inside the bedroom. People should understand that the bed is tidy and well kept. However, a room can contain a lot of focal points. A lot of websites online provide an assortment of beds for sale.

In small spaces, the window usually gathers attention, which also makes it a centerpiece. A good idea that a lot of people utilize is by combining both focal points to a much beautiful spot. The light from the windows can highlight the bed incredibly.

Open Spaces

Open Spaces In The Bedroom

A lot of people tend to forget that one of the things to consider inside a bedroom is the open space. Other than the bed itself, these open spaces provide a small area for the owner to rest. It is usually tempting to fill out a room with more bedroom furniture such as bookcases and t.v. Sets.

However, filling out spaces should never become a part of designing a room. These areas provide the owner with a room to “breathe.” In much simpler terms, open spaces become places where the owner can de-stress and relax.

If bookshelves and other large items are unavoidable, smartly putting them in place should be a priority to avoid cluttering. Remember, a bedroom is a place that reflects a person’s behaviors. A cluttered bedroom would mean that a person is a hoarder or is insecure about something.


Bedroom Storage

Storage is also an important part when it comes to organizing a bedroom. For those who want to tidy up things, a lot of well-hidden places, such as the space underneath the bed is useful. Walls could also become fitted with cabinets.

The primary goal here is to hide things and provide storage places that will not clutter open spaces or focal points. Another right storage area is at the bed’s footrest. Crafty owners often order or purchase wooden trunks that deceptively look like a small bench.

Upon closer inspection, these trunks are, in fact, drawers for shoes, clothes, etc. Also, these wooden compartments get to be personally designed by the owner. Due to the proximity of it to the bed, when fully decorated, it will significantly enhance the view provided by the bed.

Additional Tips: Gadgets And Other Electronic Devices

Perfect Bedroom

A lot of people tend to forget that one of the things to consider inside a bedroom is the open space. Other than the bed itself, these large blocks provide a small area for the owner to rest. It is usually tempting to fill out a room with more large items such as bookcases and t.v. Sets.

Keep in mind that it is your private sanctuary. You have the power to decide which comes in and out. The only thing to remember when placing such large items is never to fill out empty spaces to avoid a topsy-turvy quarter.


A bedroom is a place where all the dreams and aspirations of a person reside. It is also crucial to know that a bedroom reflects the owner’s personality. Strategic placement of objects such as cabinets, gadgets, or even the bed, can make or break the overall look that an owner wants to convey when he or she shows it to other people.

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