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An upholstery project of your own is quite fun, and you can unleash your creative side because of the different kinds of choices of materials for you to mix and match. From the type of wood you want to use, what type of fabrics you would like to pair it with, what small parts you would like to use, and even up to the kind of upholstery nails you would use to construct or reconstruct the whole thing with. Yes, even upholstery nails could play a great role in the pieces of furniture you build or reupholster because it could add just that final touch of elegance or sleekness to any piece of furniture. If you have no idea which types of upholstery nails to use that would suit your upholstery project, read on to see a rundown of the different types and kinds you could use.

Domed Upholstery Nails

Low Domed Upholstery Nails

You can create upholstered pieces of furniture which are filled with creative detail and even patterns using both high and low domed upholstery nails. This type of nail can easily be spotted on any piece of furniture. That is why it is the type of nail you could use to create patterns such as following the trim of your couch or seating. It also comes in different finishing and colours that you could choose from so it would be easier to mix and match with any type of fabric that you prefer. For example, if you want to design and make a chocolate brown leather couch, you could attach the fabric to the wood with the use of an antique finished upholstery nail to blend well with the colour, or something that would make it stand-out such as a bronze or gold finish. They do not have much design and have a clean look, so if you want something simple but would pop out at the same time, this is perfect.

Decorative Upholstery Nails

Decorative Upholstery Nails

If you want to unleash your creative side, then you can opt for upholstery nails which have a design. At Heico Direct, you can choose from a huge variety of shapes, sizes, designs, colours, and finishes. You could choose from simpler designs such as a Football Filled, High or Low Domed Daisy, Nickel on Brass or Polished Brass Rosette, Honeycombed Filled, and so much more. If you are a bit more adventurous, you could opt for bigger pieces like with a Conical Head shape, or a Bronze Renaissance design with a huge nailhead, or even those who are oval or rectangle in shape. But if you want to go all out with the design, they have unique pieces like a butterfly-shaped or a fleur de Lis shaped nailhead and other uniquely designed pieces such as a round head with turquoise starfish design and a brass finish.

Crystal Upholstery Nails

Crystal Upholstery Nails

If decorative nails do not do the trick for you, you can always choose to get upholstery pieces which have crystals on them. Not only are these pieces highly decorative, but it instantly adds a touch of elegance and class to any piece of upholstered furniture. There are also different kinds of coloured crystals available for you to choose from, such as Amber, Black, Clear, Green, Blue, Turquoise, Pink, and Purple. It also comes in two styles such as the regular nail with a shaft and a nail head, also ones which have a prong for easier attachment.

Colourful Upholstery Nails

Colourful Upholstery Nails

Unleashing your creative side when it comes to certain projects which allow for you to do it such as with an upholstery project would be the perfect opportunity for you to mix and match individual styles and colours you never imagined to put together. But, surprisingly turned out beautiful in the end. That is precisely the kind of thing that you could do with colourful upholstery nails. With a huge selection of colours to choose from such as Red, Yellow, Blue, White, Coral, Buff, Tan, Almond, Cobalt, Copper, Cream, and so much more, you have the artistic freedom to mix and match it with the type of fabric that you would like to use.

Square Upholstery Nails

If you want to go beyond the usual pieces which are usually round or dome-shaped, then you could also consider Heico Direct’s extensive selection for square-shaped upholstery nail pieces. This type of upholstery nails would surely give each piece of upholstered furniture a great accent that would make it stand out and unique compared to other pieces.

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