Natural Gas VS. Electricity


Choosing the most efficient form of energy for your home is an important part of caring for your family. It gets freezing in the winter in Alberta or other areas in Canada, and you want to save money on your power bills every month. There are some tips below that explain whether natural gas or electricity is more efficient. Continue reading as you decide what the best option is for the house.

  1. Gas Helps You Get Instant Gratification From Your Appliances

Natural Gas VS. Electricity

Natural gas in Edmonton is an efficient way to heat your home and manage your appliances. People who live far away from the cities may have gas tanks attached to their homes to offer immediate service for heating, cooking, and bathing. Natural gas prices tend to be very low, and natural gas is much cleaner electricity that is produced by a traditional coal plant.

You may replace your current appliances with gas appliances if you want to make the house more efficient. You will save money on energy, and you will feel much better knowing that your power bills will drop.

  1. Use Electricity After Peak Hours


Use electricity after peak hours, even if you want to save money. You can cut back on your power bills by washing clothes and dishes after peak hours. You can turn your air conditioner up a bit in the night to keep the house cool, and you can set your thermostat to raise the temperature in the middle of the day when you are at work.

If you cannot concentrate your energy usage, you may need to switch over to gas appliances that will be even cheaper. You still get a better rate if you use energy after hours, but you will not pay the high rates that you pay for electricity.

  1. Use Alternative Energy Sources

Diesel & Gas Generator

You may choose to use a gas tank to power a generator for your home. This system could be more efficient for your family if you have a large gas tank on the property. Ensure that the tank is serviced at least once a year, and get the best tank you can buy. Plus, you may want to set up the tank away from the building for your safety.

  1. Use Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy

Renewable energy is a big part of reducing costs. If you switched over to gas to save money, you could switch to solar power and wind energy to save even more money. A wind turbine will collect wind energy every day, and the turbine will collect even more energy in the winter because of storms and snow. You get the same results in the summer when storms and summer showers come through the area.

If you install renewable energy appliances around the house, you may produce so much energy that some of it can be sold back to the power company. You can power all your electrical appliances for the cost of maintaining the system, and you will have a much easier time keeping the system updated because the panels and wind turbines are accessible.

Geothermal energy systems sit underground and collect energy from the Earth. You can use a geothermal system to save money, and you can combine the three options above to keep your costs down. When you produce more energy, you can sell that energy back to the power company. You may make a profit every month from these renewable energy sources.

  1. Saving Money In The Winter

Bioethanol Fireplace

Keeping your home warm in the winter is easier if you use a gas heater that heats up quickly. You do not want to run the heater for long periods hoping to heat the house, and you can turn down the heat at night without being uncomfortable. Plus, the heater will warm up in moments nice you get home from work the next morning. Make sure your doors and windows are sealed to keep a draft out of the house.


Natural gas is much more efficient than electricity. However, you may generate your electricity using solar panels, wind turbines, and geothermal energy. You can research the utility companies in the area, make adjustments to your home, or switch over to gas appliances to keep your costs down.


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