Neglected Corner: Give Them A Décor


Corner Sweet Reading Chair

One of the most neglected spaces in the home is a corner which can be made very interesting by giving it some décor.

Simple Yet Pretty

Wall Mount Corner Shelf Design

People tend to dump things in corners. It’s a suggestion that you utilize space to give an interesting look to your home’s whole décor.

A simple table lamp with some of your favorite things around it can be arranged, and this will make a statement as it adds to your room’s personality.

A digital photo frame, bronze statue, or goldfish bow is a great idea.

Give It A Personal Touch

Corner Light For Perfect Reading Lamp

The days when sofa sets used to be placed along walls are passé. You can have a living room that looks fantastic with a custom-made sofa L-shaped or hogs one corner.

Add interesting shaped cushions like cube shape and spherical shape, and your sofa will look even better on one side of the sofa. Place some artifacts and tables of different heights in front to make appealing décor.

Place In The Corner Some Large Artifacts

Corner Bed Design

In the bedroom case, place the bed diagonally and leave a corner for some artistic expressions. This is in case you have a large bedroom.  But these placements help achieve a three-dimensional look and enhance the feeling of space as it seems more.

Colorful Durries On Floor In Front Of Bed Adds Warmth

In corners, you can hang wind chimes and many forms of décor hangings available.

In the corner, you can get some wall art done.

Also, in the corner, you can place special lighting and a soft cushioned chair to read.

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  1. Where can you get the white corner bed featured in this article? We have been looking for a full corner bed in white and this is exactly what we want but cannot find a place to purchase one.


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