Neon Lanterns: Diwali Catching Neon Fever


Creative With Happy Diwali Wall Decal

This is the last post on Diwali décor. With Diwali cleaning and decorating keeping me busy, I am writing up more about Diwali décor.

Colorful Kandeels for Diwali Decor

All the streets in any Indian city or village had Diwali décor shops lined up. And trust me, it looks so beautiful. And one thing which catches up your eyes is none other than lanterns. Neon being the flavor or the colors of the years, even the Diwali lanterns have caught that. Lanterns are also called Kandeels by Indian people, and available are bright orange, neon pink, to fluorescent green colors. They look so beautiful. Even the Diwali rangoli colors too are available in neon shades.

Lanterns of Diwali are available in a wide variety of shapes, colors, and sizes. So naturally, the pop colors or neon shades have become a rage.

Even Chinese Lanterns Have Become Popular:

Diwali Lanterns

Red chords with golden motifs and quite light on the pocket.

Other Types of Lanterns Available Are:

Modern Patio

Air Balloon

Chinese Lanterns

Natural made such as wooden chimney lanterns, traditional lanterns such as made from coconut shells, and ethnic lanterns which are made from designed and motif clothes.

Color Coded

Plastic-made lanterns are available in blossoming flower shapes and different patterns.

Chinese lanterns are available in different colors other than red.

Other than traditional lanterns, there are shape shifters that are different shape lanterns that make great decorative pieces.

Available in the market are rainbow color stars, five-sided stars, and psychedelic, which will liven up your home.

Candle Decoration In Dining Room

Lighting the diyas, candles, and lanterns is part of the Diwali celebration and decoration.

The lanterns hang on balconies, the main door area, and the living room. You can light up a lantern with electricity using a bulb or diya too.

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