New Age Living: 4 Steps to Creating the Ultra-Modern Home


New Age Living 4 Steps to Creating the Ultra-Modern Home

A modern touch can boost a home’s appearance, even if the house is aging. This happens because modern touches can make a home feel well-kept and hip. The following are four steps for creating a modern home.

Step Into the Future

Eco-Friendly House

You can modernize your home by showing people that you care about the environment. Being eco-friendly is progressive and a welcomed addition to any modern home. One thing that you can do is replace your old flooring with bamboo flooring. This is a highly renewable resource and outside the box, which helps a home stand out. You can also consider using an environmentally-conscious floor stain like Osmo, which uses natural oils and waxes to make the floor an accent.

Color Me, Happy

Traditional Orange Living Room

Making a home modern is usually about going against the grain, and you can easily do this by choosing exciting colors. You should consider colors that are a little unorthodox like shades of orange for the living room. Orange is a warm color that reminds people of a fireplace, which is excellent to help stir up conversations and make you feel cozy. Black is an exciting color, even for the exterior of the house, because it is not used often. This dark hue gives your home a sense of mystery and stature. Of course, these are just a few ideas that you can consider.

Doors, Re-Imagined

Doors Re-Imagined

Another idea that might work is bi-fold doors, like those at Nu-Look Glass & Aluminum Windows, that are non-traditional, see-through, and do not swing open. It gives your home a bold modern touch. It should be noted that these doors are manufactured with heavy-duty bearing rollers. Yes, the idea is different from what most would expect, which gives it that modern look.

Chic Furnishing

Chic Furnishing

There are two popular ways to modernize furniture. The first is going with a mixture of modern and vintage. Go for unique pieces that no one else will have, but make sure they still fit with your home. Another idea is to bring in handmade but rustic pieces with imperfections. Look for pieces that give off a hand-tooled look. This will make your home feel more authentic, and it will also show that you support true craftsmen or craftswomen.

Following these steps will make your home look and feel a lot more modern. Keep in mind that going bold (within reason) is a good idea.

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