New Apartment in Minnesota Offering Unique Property Amenities


New Apartment in Minnesota

If you are a tenant, moving in with pets can be very challenging for you as not all apartments are pet-friendly. Some of the landlords may not be very happy to allow tenants to live with their pets. In such a scenario, if you are the owner of a furry roommate, you need to find the right pet-friendly apartment.

This will require a lot of effort and time, but it will be worth it.

Good news for you, a new apartment in Forest Lake is offering not only amenities for you but your pet too! This modern apartment will provide all the pet-friendly facilities that your pet deserves to be happy and comfortable.

Mentioned below are some of the fantastic amenities that will be offered by the new apartment, Gateway Green.

  1. Pet Spa

Pet Spa

As a parent to your pet, your happiness will go beyond limits when you find a pet spa at your apartment. A pet spa within the building of where you live is a blessing, considering the cost a groomer can burn in your pocket. Gateway Green will offer the residents an on-site spa for your pet(s).

  1. Community Room

Community Room

A community room is an essential place where the residents can meet their neighbors, to build authentic relationships with one another. Once there, pet owners can bring their pets to get accustomed to each other.

Who knows, maybe the pets will make a friend too.

Apart from these pet-friendly amenities, Gateway Green will even offer other facilities to its residents, including:

  1. Fitness Center

Fitness Center

A fitness center has become a basic necessity for almost all apartment residents. It is a highly needed and most demanded amenity that every tenant looks for when choosing an apartment. Being aware of the demand for a well-maintained fitness center, almost all the apartment owners are now offering this amenity to their tenants.

  1. Underground Garage

Beautiful Underground Garage

Parking has always been an issue in many apartments. An apartment that has an organized parking area is the most unattractive. That being said. Gateway Green will offer spacious underground parking to its residents.

  1. Game Room

Game Room

Apartment hunting is both tedious and exciting at the same time. That being said, you should not take much stress during the apartment hunting period and relax a bit. Be patient and make wise choices if you are planning to move in with your four-legged, furry companion, the new apartment coming soon to Forest Lake can be your best option.

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