New House Plans? Why A Swimming Pool Should Be On Top Of Your List


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If you’re building a new home, it’s a good idea to factor in the outdoor areas to ensure you make the best use of the space, and if you know you want to install a pool, it’s best to do it before your house is started or at the same time rather than waiting until the house is built. Here we will explain why.

Benefits Of Installing A Pool Before Or At The Same Time As The House

Perfect Access

Whether your property has good access or not can affect the overall price of installing your pool; by building the pool before the house or at the same time, the pool builder will have direct access to the backyard, making the installation process quick and easy. Often when the house is already built, it limits access, and a crane is needed to lift the pool over the house and into position. Cranes don’t come cheap, so the better option is to take on rent from va crane rental, which is also better for your back pocket.

Can Save You Money

Factoring in your new pool whilst your home builder’s construction stage can save you time and money. There’s no need to hire a large crane. You won’t need to redo your landscaping down the track when you decide the pool in, and you can organize for the contractors already at your home to complete additional aspects for your pool area. Additionally, when organizing and paying for materials such as tiles ordering a little extra around the pool area can reduce your expenditure plus, it’s a great way to tie the pool area with the home to create a cohesive space.

Minimize Disruption By Doing It All At Once

Building a new home takes time, and if you know you want a pool for the backyard, why wait when it could be completed before even moving in? This avoids having builders at your home, equipment, and tools going while you’re trying to settle in after waiting some time for your home to be built. It also prevents your new driveway and grass from getting damaged by heavy machinery, and you won’t have to move any features in your backyard to make room for the pool when you decide to put one in.

Get Your Dream Pool, Not Just One That Works With Space You’ve Got

If you haven’t considered the pool into your home building plans, you limit your pool options down the track if you decide to put one in. Planning your home’s entire design, backyard included, allows you to get the best result both aesthetically and functionally. You can choose a pool that meets all of your swimming needs and preferences rather than just finding one to fit in the space you have got left. People that have existing homes with normal-sized backyards normally don’t have this luxury.

Choose The Positioning Of The Pool

Having no house to workaround allows you to position the pool wherever you like without worrying about pipes when excavating. This enables you to figure out exactly where the filtration, electrical, and other piping give you a seamless finish and make the construction process more efficient.

Factors To Consider When Installing My Pool Before Or At The Same Time As My House


It’s important to confirm with your home builder that they will install power outlets so you can run your pool. You don’t want to have stagnant water sitting in your new pool for a long time, this can damage your equipment, and you want to be enjoying your new pool when you move in, not cleaning it. Your builder should advise you of which options are best suited.

Temporary Fencing Or Safety Cover

If your new pool is located near where your house is being built, you may have to board or cover the pool for safety reasons whilst the builders are on site. You may also need to install temporary fencing if your pool fencing isn’t in place. While both cost money, it is significantly less than hiring a crane to get your pool over the house. It’s best to discuss these options with both your home and pool builder.

Piering And Beam Foundations

Pier and foundations are normally needed if the soil alone where you want to install your pool isn’t suitable to hold your pool in place. They are also required if the pool is going to be situated near the house. Your builder should advise you if this applies to your site or not.

Surveying For Your Pool

You may have to pay to have your site surveyed before installing your pool, as there normally aren’t any reference points. A licensed pool builder must survey the site to apply for a Construction Certificate to commence work in some states. This is something you can ask your builder to do for you.

Will My House Builder Charge Me More To Include The Pool In The Construction Process?

In most cases, the home builder will not charge you extra if you have hired a pool builder to take care of the pool build for you. However, they will likely charge you more if they have to install power outlets before the house is built to power the pool or any part of the construction they have to complete concerning your pool. Additionally, if you have decided on your house plans and then decide to add a pool, they may charge you to make changes.

Speak With An Expert Team Of Pool Builders

To save you time, money, and the hassle of having to wait around for two separate construction projects to be completed, it is smart to include your pool into your building plans from the get-go. There’s nothing better than moving into a new house and being able to enjoy it in its entirety. Our experienced team here at Fibreglass Pools Melbourne specialize in luxurious fiberglass pools, and we can work in conjunction with your builder to help plan and create your dream pool if you would like more information on installing a pool when in the process of planning a home build, get in touch to discuss your options.

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