New Move? What Are Your Lock Options?


Moving into a new home or place of business is exciting! From placing furniture, painting walls, and adding artwork to figuring out what goes in what cupboards, lots of work, but also lots of satisfaction once completed. Unfortunately, there is so much unknown about the home or office if you are not the first owner. How many people came before you? How many keys are out there that open your doors? There’s bound to be a few people out there that still have the keys. If you are worried about this contacting a licensed professional locksmith to come and take a look at your home and explain the options you have to fix this problem.

Option 1; Rekeying

Home Lock Options

Your most straightforward, most comfortable, and cheapest option is to rekey. This will be the best option for you if the locks in your new home are still relatively new and working well. Rekeying is the process of re-patterning the pins in the locking mechanism to fit a different key. Making all other keys, ones that previously worked, incapable of opening any of the locks. Remember, to rekey your locks; the locksmith will have to have a key that currently works.

Option 2; New Locks

Commercial Doors

If you find the locks in your new home are old or broken, installing completely new locks is probably the best way to go. You can upgrade your locks and get a much-needed security boost and, if your locks are broken or worn looking, new locks will be an all-over general upgrade.

Installing new locks entirely in the home is possible to do yourself, but if you want a high-tech system, you will want to hire a professional locksmith. Locksmiths are also good to consult with to learn about all the options and which ones are best for you. Also, if you are going with new locks but don’t want the hassle of different keys for each lock, the locksmith will be able to provide you with locks that function with the same key.

If you are installing new locks into a place of business, then it is guaranteed a professional locksmith would best install the locks as these can be more complex. You might be dealing with steel doors or frames, which requires special tools, or you might want locks that work well with a specific type of security system. The locksmith has the experience and training to ensure you get the locks you need. Don’t forget to get the locksmith to make any additional keys for your employees, save yourself running to the hardware store!

The answer to which option is right for you is probably clear, but if not, consult a locksmith, and they will advise you which option fits your situation best. After all, that is their job!

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