New Windows: Does The Cost Outweigh The Benefit In A Rental?


It’s no secret that renovations can be pretty expensive. As a result, most property owners prefer to leave such updates until necessary. However, that doesn’t mean you have to wait for a structure to fall apart before replacing it. Window replacement can improve a rental property’s ROI, according to Professional Property Management of Northern Virginia.

Window replacement

Hence, we will share everything you need to know about a window replacement. Stick around till the end to find out the average cost, signs of a failing window, and the benefits of a new one.

Average Cost Of Window Replacement

After searching for ‘window replacement near me,’ your next question would probably revolve around cost. Like your roof, doors, and foundation, windows are integral to your home’s structure.

Several factors can influence the final cost of a window replacement, including type, frame, size, and energy efficiency. Although on average, it often comes down to $600. That includes the window and labor costs you might incur.

How To Know When It’s Time To Replace Windows

  • Window Replacement Near Me

    They’re Faulty

Jammed windows can pose a security threat to your windows. Generally, as these structures age, they become more liable to developing operational problems. That’s because the materials decay, rust, or grow mold over time. While some people might regard unbalanced windows as minor inconveniences, they can compromise your rental’s safety.

  • They’re Cold In The Winter

It might seem like the norm for your window to be cold to the touch in the winter, but it indicates an insulation problem. Modern replacements are better at keeping colder temperatures at bay because they are adequately insulated. If you’d like to spend less on your heating bill, start looking for a home window replacement near me.

  • They’re Hot In Summer

Like the point above, when poorly-insulated windows are bad at keeping cold air outside the home, however, that also means they fail at keeping it in. If your windows are hot during warmer weather, that’s a telltale sign they’re not adequately insulated. Thus, you’ll have to spend more on electricity to keep your room cool.

  • There’s Excessive Condensation

In this scenario, condensation refers to moisture accumulation on your windowpane. It points to a failure with your windows’ seal, which isn’t easy to fix. It could also be due to a glazing loss that happens over time. Either way, it means it’s an indicator that your windows are losing their effectiveness and need a replacement.

  • The Frame Or Panes Are Damaged

Time and extreme weather can be unkind to your window panes. Heavy rainstorms, hail, or winds can leave nasty chips or cause cracks. Although sometimes, these may be due to normal wear and tear. Age can also lead to your frames rotting or harbor mold. In such scenarios, it’s best to get new windows.

Benefits Of New Windows

  • It Increases The Energy Efficiency

One of the most significant benefits of opting for upgraded windows is the improved energy efficiency. By preventing warm air from escaping, they can reduce your heating bill and vice versa for your air conditioner. In other words, you’ll need less power to keep your home at a sufficient temperature. Hence, new windows can help you save money on your electric bill in the long run.

  • It Improves Your Security

Another reason to consider an upgrade is to improve your security. As a landlord, your tenant’s safety should always be your priority. When your rental has aged panels that are easy to open or break from the outside, it poses a safety threat. On the other hand, it could also be dangerous if tenants can’t open them to get to the fire escape. In the event of an accident, or burglary, you could be liable. As a result, it’s crucial to invest in functional windows that enhance your rental’s safety.

  • It Curbs Noise Pollution

Property owners and managers of condos probably have to deal with many noise complaints. If you own a multi-family complex, investing in insulating frames and triple-pane is often worth it. Noise-reducing windows can make your rental more conducive and appealing to live in.

  • It Boosts Your Home Value

A lovely new set of window panes can significantly boost your home’s exterior. New styles come in a range of appealing materials, designs, and colors that dramatically improves your home’s aesthetics. Beyond the visual appeal, updated windows that are energy-efficient, secure, and keep out noise can sway tenants or buyers. Thus, if you’re looking for a way to increase your ROI, start searching for a home window replacement near me.

  • It Reduces Dust And Allergens

Dust and allergens can present a significant nuisance to health and well-being. It’s even more problematic when you have windows incapable of keeping out pollen, dust, and allergen. However, securely tucked panes are better at filtering the air and making house cleaning easier.

  • They Are Low-Maintenance

New windows come in low-maintenance designs. This feature is highly convenient for rentals since you can’t guarantee if your tenant will be able to keep up with chores. Reducing the need to dust, wash, and maintain them can relieve both parties.


We hope this article has shed some light on the cost of window replacement, when to replace your windows and its benefits. Faulty and old windows often lack the efficiency and functionality to ensure your tenant’s safety, warmth, and appeal. On the other hand, newer models have multiple advantages, including improving security, energy efficiency, and home value. A professional property manager can help project, schedule, and install a new set.


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