Newly Wed: Tips to Décor Your New Home


Happy Newly Wed Couple Interiors Design Tips

November to February months is considered as the best months for getting married. Well, the marriage season is around the corner, and newly-wed couples will be all excited to move into their new house. Here are some tips to make your new home trendier, in sync with your personality, and brighter.


Choose home and décor your home, keeping future needs in mind as needs change over some time. Choose the house’s location, which suits your lifestyle and your commute to the job.

Cool Wall Art Decoration

When decorating your home, decide the theme of the décor of your choice. The theme of the house talks about your personality and interests. The select theme which gives you at home feels such that it conveys a home feel to you. Style or theme should be such that it’s timeless. Style or theme can also be mix and match that is modern or conservative or contemporary. It can be a fusion of décor elements.

When shopping for a new house for decorative items, furniture, artifacts, bed, and bedding, etc., or any elements, you need to know the choice of your spouse as well. It should be the choice of both.

IKEA Couple

The furniture you buy must be of low maintenance as well as easy to clean. Laminated furniture and stainless steel are easy to clean and even look elite.

Add dark colors to the place where you want to draw attention to.

Don’t place fabrics such as silk where they get exposed to direct sunlight as the colors will fade and affect the fabrics.

Colorful Bedroom

Leather is better for sofas as it’s easy cleaning.

Colorful bed linen gives a bright and lively look to the bedroom.

White, ivory, or grey are all-time colors for the living room. In the bedroom, it’s better to have pastel shades.

You can use wallpapers; mix it with shades on other walls.

Living Room Wall Paint Colors

In the living room, seating is a must, which must be comfortable, yet it should be a stylish seating arrangement. Things such as rugs, lamps, small units, or bookshelves will ass texture, décor, and warmth to space.

In the bedroom, you need to select the bed carefully. It can be helpful to have storage in bed.

The mattress must be selected because it will give you maximum comfort.

The bedroom has fabrics that are comfortable to touch and healthy to sleep n.

Couple in Kitchen

The kitchen should not be neglected. The kitchen should have ample space, as well. A modular kitchen can be the right answer for newlywed couples who don’t want any hassles in designing the kitchen.

Make sure you have ample storage space. Else there will be clutter at home.

Modern Indoor Outdoor Design Open Floor Plans Small House

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  1. I like your tip to find furniture that is pretty low maintenance when you are newly wed. I think it helps to have furniture that you don’t have to worry about falling apart or becoming ruined since you may likely not be in the most financially stable position. It helps to have furniture and decor that you know will last quite a while so that you can make the most of your money.


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