Novel Window Decoration Ideas for Kid’s Room

On January 21, 2015 by Sanju Kmr


Window is an indispensible part for every room. It is a main source for natural lighting. The decoration of window has changed recent years. People endow more function to the window areas. Here are several novel window decoration ideas for kid’s room.


The design of this kid’s room not only can allow kid to appreciate the outdoor scenery on bed, but also increase the storage space. The floor cabinet is convenient for kid to take items in it. No matter it is book, toy or sundries.


This bay window combines sofa and storage boxes together. Toys can be stored in the boxes separately. The large window provides sufficient light in the room. Kid can see the beautiful outdoor scenery from the bay window or read books, play games on the sofa. If you are considering renovating kid’s room, you can take this design for reference.


Designer turns the whole wall near the window into bookcase. The bay window is designed into sofa. It will be a wonderful thing to read loved books in a sunny afternoon on the seating.


The kid’s room is turned by a capaciousattic. The skylight on the ceiling and the bay window allows sufficient natural lighting in it. Kid can see beautiful night scene in the room. We can find that bay window is the focus of the whole room. The color of curtain and carpet echoes with the blue soft cushion on bay window.


The design of this kid’s bedroom pays much attention to the integrity. The color of sofa cover use same color with the bedding, wall decals and curtain. They echo with each other and make the bedroom more harmonious. The space under sofa is designed into storage cabinet. This invisibly expands the storage space.


This kid’s bedroom is in country style. The collocation of creamy colors makes it cute and warm. The function of bay window contains providing sufficient natural lighting and allowing kid to see the outdoor scene. The soft cushion and throw pillows on the bay window create cozy and comfortable feeling.


The design of this bay window makes use of the upper part, the lower part and the two sides of wall to expand storage space. Considering the upper part of the bay window maybe difficult to reach, ladder is used. The combination of white and green make people have the feeling of spring –full of vigor.


What is the dreamy place you want to go when you are kid? The common place for most kids would be zoo. This kid’s bedroom use panda as its inspiration. Panda doll, panda headboard, white colored wall and furniture, green colored bedding, curtain make the bedroom become vivid and cute. This decoration suits for both girls and boys.


Bookcase and desk are placed on the left part of the bedroom and bed, wardrobe are placed on the right part. The study area and the sleeping area are separated by the aisle between them. The match of original wood color and skyblue create refreshing feeling. Kid can see scenery from the bay window after study.

It is terrible to live in a room without window. Light make people feel promising and hopeful. Bookcase is placed near the French window to make sure there is enough lighting for study.

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