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The impact of something as seemingly insignificant as applying a fresh coat of paint to a wall in a working space is often only witnessed once that has been done. While there’s undoubtedly a need for somewhat of a periodic refreshment of the working area if you’re in an authoritative position to facilitate, this needed to freshen up. Here are some office décor ideas and design techniques to consider.

The Meeting-Room Type Office

The Meeting-Room Type Office

This is one of the most tranquil offices’ decor and design techniques to achieve because it only entails sectioning-off a space that’s going to resemble and be used as a meeting room. The key to it, though, is for the walls to be completely transparent, and this is often achieved by using glass. This meeting room goes best in the middle of something like a communal working space or somewhere where anybody can look in and see what’s happening at any time.

Think of the meeting room featured in the communal office that made an appearance in the 2010 movie, The Social Network.

Different floor screeding could perhaps be used to mark the different corporate spaces within the public office. According to AB Drylining, the trick is that you have to be very careful when matching the best screeding technique to the appropriate working-space room. It often makes a huge difference to your office space, and you would want to achieve a professional look.

The Open Plan Office

The Open Plan Office

Open office plans were a revolutionary idea at the height of the corporate revolution. The typical office is one that permanently closes you off from the rest of the building and the world as soon as the door shuts. These days, more in line with contemporary construction and interior décor trends, more spacious offices are leading the way in preferred working spaces.

If the actual office space isn’t available to facilitate expansions such as knocking down walls or extending the ceiling upwards, the illusion of more space can be created through the use of big windows and even mirrors. Another hack is to remember that you don’t necessarily have to cover every inch of the floor. Minimalism, through the use of something like a laptop as opposed to a bulky workstation PC, is recommended to achieve this look.

The Big Boss’s Office/ Self-Made Person’s Office

Self-Made Person’s Office

The big boss’s office or a confident person suggests total creative freedom in its design and decoration, so a home office is likely to fall under this category. The big boss’s office should be achieved by personalizing every aspect of it from the artwork that hangs on the walls. Make sure you keep it simple, though, as the more free space you have around yourself, the more inspired you feel!

The Communal Office Space

The Communal Office Space

I suppose we’ve just conceptually introduced the communal office space design by merely referring to it. But it needs more attention since it’s been an ongoing trend in modern corporate space designs. In a sense, communities have always existed in the traditional organizational setup, except they were characterized by being quite uninspiring and isolating.

Bringing communal office spaces into the modern era would have significant and spacious rooms or halls populated more naturally. Something like a set of movable bean-bags could make for an excellent option for those workers who might want to follow the warmth of the sun along with the big windows. Or they would like to work on their laptops, while others might perhaps feel that having their laptops placed onto a vacant docking point along with a work-bench type desk that spreads the length of the room floor will give them better productivity and focus.

Either way, the modern-day communal office space should offer the type of flexibility synonymous with the most famous Silicon Valley tech companies.

We hope that these office decor techniques will not only spark a fresh wave of productivity if that’s what’s required but perhaps they are also going to keep the current flow of productivity going.

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