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If you work full time, you likely spend around forty hours a week working in your office space. Having a dedicated workspace can make working from home easier and more focused. And having your own space in a large office setting can also give you a chance to carve out a small area that is inspiring.

With so many people working from, it became imperative to carve out a specific office space. Having a dedicated office area can help you stay focused and stay on task, eliminating distractions. Or perhaps you’re struggling to get back in the groove as you’ve returned to work because it just isn’t as comfortable as your home was.

If you are searching for ideas and ways to keep your office space looking fabulous while still allowing you to complete your work to the best of your ability, you’re in luck. Here are a few different strategies to employ while decorating your office to help you increase your productivity.

Choose A Great Desk And Chair

You are starting with the basics of any office: the desk. You need to have a desk that can adequately give you the space you need to complete your work. Your desk will be the focal point of your office, so you want it to be great. However, don’t rush into buying a desk that you’ll quickly regret. There are many choices that look great without sacrificing style over substance.

Consider what features will make your job easier to complete. Built-in charging ports can be helpful, especially if you have multiple devices you use throughout your workday. Also, take into account how you best accomplish tasks. If you like to frequently stand while you work, consider an adjustable desk that can work for you.

Be sure to double-check the dimensions of your office or workspace and find a desk that will fit. A desk that is too large can make any room feel cramped. You want to have your desk large enough to complete your projects. If you frequently use two monitors, make sure your new desk will accommodate them and still give you room for your other belongings.

Your desk can be a reflection of your personality, and even if you have to make do with a company-issued desk, you can still customize it to your taste. What better companion to a desk than the perfect chair? Having the right seating can help you to be more productive. If you’re feeling pain or a chair doesn’t function correctly, it could be distracting.

Finding an ergonomic chair can actually be a lot of fun. They come in many different colors and styles, so you can find one you love that can bring style to your office. Take ergonomics into account, and be sure your office chair is adjustable to your height. Your comfort preferences may change, so flexibility is excellent.

A great office chair will support your lower back and include armrests, adjustable tilt, wheels, and swivel features. Even if you prefer to stand at your desk, having some sort of chair is a great idea should your circumstances change. If you plan to primarily stand, buying an anti-fatigue mat can help you keep working and stay productive.

Inadvertently working in a chair that isn’t supportive enough can cause long-term damage to your health. It also may make you less likely to want to work for long periods because you are uncomfortable. Whether you work from home or go into an office, investing in a great chair is the best solution to keeping your productivity up.

Banish The Clutter


Have you heard the old phrase “when in doubt, throw it out” before? Keeping the clutter in your office down can help reduce your stress and increase productivity. Of course, if an item is practical for your day-to-day work, you shouldn’t feel a need to get rid of it, but you may want to find a place for them to be to keep your surfaces clear.

Clutter can actually cause stress because of excessive visual stimuli. When your computer is on a surface that has too many piles of papers or an excess of other belongings, you’re going to be unable to complete your work as planned. While there are some individuals who thrive in clutter, those with clean desks are more inclined to stay on task.

Decluttering doesn’t need to happen all at once. Start small, perhaps with a drawer, and work your way towards your final goal. Look for storage solutions that work for you and that you will be able to utilize on a regular basis. If you are not one for filing your papers, find a different option that will work better for you.

Many people are guilty of keeping documents and forms around longer than they need to complete their work. While many papers may be important to be kept in their original format, it’s likely that there are others you will be able to get rid of. Keeping fewer original papers will help keep the clutter on your desk down.

If you aren’t sure whether or not you will need a document again, it’s time to invest in a scanner. A scanned file stored on USB flash drives, external hard drives, or even just on your computer will take up significantly less space than piles of paper. And you can reference them at any time you need.

Once the potentially important papers have been scanned in, you can recycle them without feeling guilty. Then, you can enjoy a clean work area. Remember to shred any sensitive materials before disposing of them. If your employer has a specific protocol, be sure that you follow their rules.

Productivity is all about getting more work done in less time. One way of making sure you can maximize the work completed is by knowing where every material you need is. Drawer organizers can help give everything a home—account for all your needed supplies, even the paper clips.

Your desk will certainly keep getting messy from time to time. But when you have a place for everything to be returned to in the future, it will help speed up the process. If cleaning is not one of your strong points, go ahead and take pictures for reference and make it easier for you to replicate your clean workspace going forward.

When you declutter, your workspace will look more aesthetically pleasing and allow you to add visually pleasing decor to your desk. While decluttering isn’t a decorating tip per se, it’s the first major step to getting the tremendous productive office you’ve always wanted.

For many people, a lot of time on the clock is wasted collecting belongings or other things. Even a walk to the kitchen for a snack or beverage could be the distraction that keeps you from keeping your productivity up. Consider how you can cut back on distractions by adding things to your office.

Could you add a mini-fridge and coffee maker to your office? Including ways to keep your productivity up in your decor could be the difference between stalling to get a drink and pushing through a mental block to stay on task with your work. When you and your office are fully prepared to work, you can establish boundaries to keep you productive.

Don’t waste time searching for a pen. Keeping your office well stocked with your supplies can help you. Using fun storage solutions to keep your desk organized and well-stocked can keep your office a place to accomplish tasks and work. Don’t forget wall storage options as a way to keep items off your desk.

It’s All In The Details

When you spend about 241 days of the year working, you want your office to be decorated in a pleasing manner. Ultimately your taste will dictate what you choose to separate your space from others. While those with a home office have more control over their design than those given an office by their employers, personalization is key.

If you are able to paint your office, it can be a fun way to boost your energy and productivity. Having an office in the color of your choice can make your office a more inviting place and help you spend time working. When you find yourself in a place that is visually pleasing, you can become more committed as an employee.

Hang up artwork that is motivational and inspiring. Motivational art is more than the hokey posters from the dentist’s office featuring cute kittens and positive quotes. Any visual art piece that you love can keep you inspired and working hard. Art is mentally stimulating in a good way, so choose to hang something you appreciate and enjoy.

A great place to start is to hang your framed diploma. It may seem as though you’re bragging. But if you can’t proudly honor your hard work in your office, where can you keep it? Glancing at the proof you are qualified can inspire you to keep going on the hard days.

Just because art is often thought of as hanging on the wall doesn’t mean you should forget how an interesting sculpture can enhance your office decor. Whether you want a large-scale piece of art to decorate a corner or a small piece to adorn your desk, art can make any office feel more complete.

Keep Your Office Well Lit

It’s not a secret that blue light and working consistently on a computer or electronics can cause eye strain and even be a trigger for migraines. Having an office space that is well lit can ward off issues that may decrease the amount of work you’re able to do. Even working in an office that is poorly lit can have ill effects on your productivity.

Did you know that natural sunlight offers many health benefits? If you can set up your office in an area near a window, you can not only provide yourself some great light but also reduce your eye strain. In addition, being able to boost your mood while getting your work done is a major benefit to working near a window.

Whether you’re decorating your office at home or you have to work with the space in the office you’ve been given, finding an interesting lighting solution can help you stay focused and increase your productivity. If natural lighting isn’t an option for you, try to cut down on lights that can negatively impact your eye health.

Warm lighting can help your eyes more than the cool, harsh lighting many offices employ in their overhead units. Adding a small work lamp to your desk or office space can offset the cool tones of the overhead lighting and provide a better situation for your health. Warm lighting is also more comforting, which can make your office a place you’ll want to spend time in.

Luckily there are LED warm bulbs. This allows you to have great lighting that helps your eyes, but that won’t overheat and will last a long time. Why waste your time changing light bulbs when you’re supposed to be working? You may even be able to have your employer help with the costs associated with a new lamp at home.

There are many unique and fun lamps available that can help customize your workspace. These serve a dual purpose, making your office look nice and keeping your eyes healthy. An office that is inviting and bright will help you stay focused and productive.

While there is no science that says blue-light-blocking glasses truly work, there are many anecdotal tales of them helping. If you want to keep your blue light glasses or reading glasses handy in an attractive way, consider an eyeglass rest. These are tiny works of art that can hold your glasses when they aren’t in use.

Perk Up With Plants

If you’re looking for a great way to stay inspired and keep your office looking fresh, plants and greenery are a great way to do that. Some plants are even capable of removing indoor pollutants, making them a great choice for an office space. In addition, having fresh, clean air while you’re working can help you stay more focused.

If you don’t have a green thumb but still like how plants look, you may want to consider succulents. Because these small plants don’t take much effort to maintain and thrive in minimal sunlight, they are perfect for smaller offices or desks.

If your office doesn’t get enough sunlight to keep plants alive, you can always opt for fake greenery. While you may not gain the same benefits of having cleaner air or caring for something, the visual benefits of plants will be the same.

It can be fun to find interesting pots for your plants in bright pots that match or coordinate with your office decor. Studies have shown that being around plants can boost your ability to concentrate, which can help you be more productive, making adding plants to your office a great decor option.

A Final Thought

Home Office

Ultimately how to decorate your office is up to you and your taste. But having a decluttered office space and a desk that works well is a great place to start. It can be hard to stay on task when you’re working but having a pleasing office is one way you can set yourself up for success.

There’s no one way to be sure that you will be productive, but having an office you enjoy being in can help. Decorate your office in ways that make you happy. With so much time spent at work, there’s no better place to focus your decorating efforts.

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