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Workspace Design

Workspace design nowadays plays an important role when it comes to the corporate world. Not only does it reflect the workforce culture of a company, but it also influences the satisfaction, efficiency, and sustainability of employees. Many businesses have concluded that office ergonomics is of great importance in reaching peak productivity. According to the current ergonomic office design trends, the open-concept office has received the highest acclaims – it offers a people-centered approach, as well as the atmosphere that boosts creativity. Let’s look at some other emerging office design trends that can supercharge the workspace and potentially have a powerful effect on the employees’ productivity.

The way you design your office often reflects on how your business operates, and how well your employees do the work assigned to them. Our surroundings naturally impact how we function, this is one of the reasons why an office space should help encourage productive work with an interior that can support the employees and inspire them, and it’s something that business owners should take into account when looking for office space New York City. It’s not easy to find a space that can help develop your business while also supporting your employees with appropriate furniture and other necessities, but it’s important to not settle for something you don’t feel connected to!

Bring the Nature In

Green Wall Office

It is commonly known that plants not only clean the air but also make the atmosphere more pleasant. Around them, people feel calm and more focused. Bringing plants into the workspace goes together with enhancing natural illumination. It seems that this upcoming trend is, by all means, here to stay. Namely, it is proven that the efficiency of those employees whose workspace is open, bright and includes plenty of greenery is 12% higher. Living green walls are one of the options of how to bring nature in. Additionally, another aspect that should be taken into account is air quality. A regular check on HVAC is necessary as it can help improve the safety, health, and comfort of the staff.

Comfort Comes First

Comfortable Chairs for Office

Long hours spent sitting at work in an unnatural posture can cause different health problems, including back strain and headaches. Having comfortable chairs with adjustable parts and back support is the first step in adjusting the furniture to fit your job requirements. Next to this, sit-to-stand desks are becoming more and more popular. They provide excellent comfort as one can improve their height or even replace half an hour of sitting with standing, thus reducing back stress. Good quality furniture in an office shows that the employees’ comfort and safety come first. At the same time, it also alleviates fatigue, as well as boosts focus and work engagement.

Privacy Matters

Office Isolated Conversion Environment

Including a commonly shared area with home-like features, such as colorful sofas, lazy bags, pictures, and photos on the walls, open-concept offices feel like a second home, where the workers can spend their breaks together. However, employees should also have access to smaller, isolated areas or rooms when they need some privacy. These places are perfect for short meetings, as they are not as formal as traditional conference rooms. As for equipping such space, you need to choose proper furniture that will make your coworkers feel relaxed. For example, you could go for a boardroom table of preferable shape, an adequate number of comfortable chairs, and some plants. Such a minimalistic approach works just fine, as this kind of atmosphere will boost people’s productivity, interaction, and attention to work.

The Importance of Colors

Office Colour Ideas

Bold and vibrant colors enhance a company’s brand, as well as support the corporate culture and motto. An excellent choice and combination of colors can influence our mood and the atmosphere of the workspace. This is why brand colors should be an integral part of the workspace. Having furniture, structural elements, and eye-catching details in unique and recognizable design adds a sense of personality and identity to a workspace.

Planning a workspace redesign carefully is necessary if a company wants to keep the state-of-the-art approach and promote its employees’ productivity.  The good thing is that flexible, multipurpose spaces are all the rage today, which means that the office plan can be changed rather quickly as the company develops. That is one more reason why the open-concept offices will become even more popular in the next few years.

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