Office Window Cleaning Tips


The clean and well-maintained office looks versatile for any commercial work area. We know the importance of cleaning when it comes to the maintenance of offices and commercial spaces. Cleaning and maintaining windows keeps the workplace fresh and vibrant. It makes the office exterior look impressive and professional.

To clean the windows from inside as well as outside is quite an uphill task to get smears and streaks permanently removed from windows. These are a few tips for cleaning your office windows and blinds.

Make A Checklist Of Required Equipment

  • Buckets
  • Large dry brushes
  • Sponges
  • Window cleaning solution
  • Brown paper
  • Microfiber cloth
  • Squeegees
  • Drying pads

Make The Window Dust Free

Office Window Cleaning Services
Remove stubborn dust from the windows or blinds. It will be easier for you if you remove the curtains first. Use a large dry brush if your office window is quite big. Brush around corners, frames, window sills, and surrounding areas.

Make A Cleaning Solutions

The cleaning solution is available in the stores, but you can also prepare them yourself too. The window cleaning solution can be made by adding two tablespoons of vinegar to warm water.

Wash It Well

Soak the sponge in the cleaning solution and wash the windows gently so that the built-up dust, grime, and stains can be removed. On top, you can use soapy water for better cleaning. If your windows are too dirty or greasy, you should go for a different cleaning solution such as one with two tablespoons of household ammonia mixed in warm water. You can finish this off with a vinegar solution.

If your cleaning solution unable to clean properly, buy a good window cleaner from the nearby store is a good idea.

Final Words

However, cleaning office blinds and multiple windows is a vast and tiring job. Such a cleaning task also requires professional equipment since you may not be able to reach every corner of the windows with your tools and supplies. Hire some good professional cleaning services provider to get those shining windows back.

Hope office cleaning DIY tips help you to encourage the office-friendly ambiance for your clients, visitors, and employees.

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  1. Before cleaning your window, make sure you have proper accessories and equipment. Try cleaning your window with by removing its dust. Use a soft brush to clean the borders and boundaries. Wash it smoothly and soak the water with a dry piece of clothing.

  2. Without any proper handling techniques and cleaning equipment’s or cleaning service provider there are chances that your windows might break and become dirtier than before. Therefore, using cleaning equipment such as newspaper soaked in vinegar, distilled water applied will work perfect when rubbing in soft manner moreover you can use micro-fiber clothes to handle glass window cleaning.

  3. For making the workplace germ free you can bring up some essential strides like utilizing disinfectant or air purifier in office, clean the grimy windows and tables, enable natural air to go through by opening windows or air conduits.

  4. This is some really good information about cleaning your windows. I liked what yous aid about how it would be smart to use a squeegees and microfiber cloths when you are cleaning your windows. It is good to know that it would be smart to think about getting a professional to clean your windows.

  5. For cleaning the windows you can use mixture of vinegar and baking soda as it is the fastest and reliable way to remove the stain spots and wipe it with the microfiber cloth to get the frequent results.


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