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Welcome to, a luxury furniture and home decor virtual showroom where you will find the finest European and Italian furniture shopping experience. At, we connect shoppers to the best of luxury Italian furniture and the most beautiful European home decor. Our website offers a unique collection of the best Italian and European high-end brands. We offer a wide range of services to help you find and use the right pieces for your home, along with lighting and home décor. Venicasa enhances your shopping experience.

A Luxury Furniture Shopping Experience

Contemporary Furniture

Shopping Venicasa is a rich experience of exploration and design. We are here to help you every step of the way, from selection to room design to shipping and placing the design pieces in your home. Worldwide sales, shipping, and service are our global goals, but our local goal is to provide the same small-business personalized service that you expect.

Luxury Furniture

Luxury Furniture

What marks luxury, high-end furniture as different? It is made in small shops by skilled craftspeople. Its construction starts with the selection of the very best material that fits the need of the piece. Common elements include gold, leather, textiles, hardwoods, marble, and chrome. Each of these parts is carefully shaped and changed by the hands of master craftworkers. The wood is carved into an intaglio of vines and flowers, or carefully cut to be inlaid in a different type of wood. Chrome is bent and shined to the highest gloss. Textiles are tufted or embroidered. It is only when each of these parts is perfectly constructed through high craftsmanship that they can be joined and become furniture.

High-End Lighting

High-End Lighting

Once high-end luxury furniture is placed in your home, it needs the highest quality lighting to show it off to its best advantage. Designer lighting is gorgeous and sculptural and an art object in itself. It works to illuminate your world in just the correct manner, illuminating the details of the high-end furniture and setting the room ablaze with light.

Luxurious Home Décor

Luxurious Home Décor

Once high-end furniture and lighting are comfortably installed in your home, select your home décor objects. These high-end decorative pieces add another layer of beauty and detail, welcoming friends and family, and creating a harmonious balance within the room. Pedestals, vases, centerpieces, and more await you.

Venicasa Offers Styles for All Tastes

Formenti FOR2782 Sinclaire Sectional Sofa

History of styles awaits you in Venicasa’s showrooms. From classical Roman to the most contemporary of today, find a timeless style with us.

The classic style draws from the days of ancient Rome and updates them to meet today’s standards of comfort and utility. It contains clean lines, columns, and traditional materials like marble.

Art Deco showcases a playful treatment of lines and shapes with attention to whimsical detail. From the early 20th century, Art Deco creates an atmosphere of happy nostalgia.

Mid-Century Modern is a re-invention of furniture by prioritizing function. In turn, this prioritization creates new shapes and forms and simplifies furniture down the basics, rendering them in modern materials like leather and chrome.

Contemporary furniture includes the many styles being innovated today. Many of today’s greatest Italian designers look back to the Classical past and reinvent those styles and lines. Organic detailing is another major theme today.

Glam is one contemporary style. Luxury glam comes alive with light as crystals, precious stones, metals, and high-gloss finishes set the world to sparkling.

Visit Venicasa.Com

Visit our website Venicasa.Com for the ultimate selection of authentic European designer brand furniture. Look through our lavish home décor and lighting. Call us and connect with our concierge service as we do the work to connect your style with the high-end furniture and design you desire.

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